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Which would you suggest for a very big, tall baby? (always over 95th percentile for height and weight)

I think we've narrowed it down to these two seats. Current seating position is rf in an 03' Odyssey, third row center. We are using a Roundabout 55 there right now.

We've owned Radians in the past with our older kids. I think they are an incredibly annoying seat as far as installation goes (we generally have it in a spot where a seatbelt install is needed). However, I really appreciate the low profile. I'm not sure there would be much harness height left in the seat once we turn ff, though, and I'd love to go from convertible to dedicated booster if possible.

I tried a Graco Size4Me. Price point is nice, but I dislike the absence of padding as well as the fact that ff it consumes an enormous amount of space - there is a ton of seat between the child's back and the back of the vehicle seat. No way could an older child navigate past that with a backpack!

And so, I'm leaning toward the Blvd CT. However, I would really appreciate the input of folks that have handled the seats more than I have. We have five kiddos in the car now, so space & configuration really matter.


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I couldn't get myself to like any Diono seats despite trying several times. I always went back to Britax :). I'd love a BVCT but my youngest is 5.5 so I'll stick with my fr90 ;)


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My over 99% for height/weight kid did great in a RF Radian (older model) there, actually center of third row of an Odyssey, 2011.

Low profile mattered since I could see out! Even FF (we had another one next to it FF) I could see out!
He didn't last FF in it long. Just so tall and headwings kept slipping down pushing harness below shoulders.

We switched to a Sure Ride now for FF.

I don't think any RF seat would allow my older ones to navigate with a backpack? We have him now outboard third row (driver side). That way nobody has to manage around him. I just need to climb in to buckle! :)


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I had a whole long reply and then the app crashed! I couldn't find the thread again, until now. I went from a Diono RXT to a Blvd CT and back to a Diono Rainier. Do you want me to post my pros and cons?


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Okay, so my daughter is almost 2.5, on the tall side (just over 36.5", 30lb) and we had an RXT since she was about 7months old. In March we had a minor accident which required replacing the diono.

These were the things that were bothering me about each seat - but in the end i decided to go back to Diono (after 1 mo with the Clicktight, and trying to fly with it i went back to Diono and got a Rainier)

again, these were the rambling thoughts of a CPST's inner debate between seats, they both had their pros and cons, and i had a hard time deciding - but ultimately went with the rainier and my daughter is happier which makes the biggest difference!)

-Diono has a history of giving different answers to car seat questions when people call - that was kind of annoying to deal with, but not a huge factor (for example, when people ask what their definition of bracing is, or whether or not to replace a seat after a minor incident - tho the manual says always replace)
-Diono has the hassle of a 3 piece rear facing install (including the AA) vs. CT technology which really *is* as awesome as they make it look. quick in and out installs were a breeze!
(and my center seatbelt diono installs tend to tip and need a locking clip to prevent the tilt)
-difficulty of using locking clip with AA installs (but in my specific car i can fit the Rainier without an AA)
-there is some general concern over the diono seats having less side impact protection, but that is not something tested in the US - the high sides of the CT should provide that protection, but
-high sides on CT make it hard to put her in/take her out of the seat
-diono has a shorter RF life by height, but CT has less leg room and she might not want to stay RF in this seat as long as possible
- can't RF tether the Diono in my car but CT has anti rebound bar.
-CT install on an airplane and lugging thru airport was WAY WORSE than traveling with the diono. (for trips without long periods of time in a car, i would use a cheap seat, but our trips usually involve 6 hour drives in between cities)
-some people dislike the ratcheting harness on the Dionos, but the Clicktights have "clicksafe technology" that basically slides smoothly until a certain point and then its the same ratcheting motion, and to me, it was harder to use than on the diono seats.

i didnt want to feel like i was compromising on her safety by putting her in a seat with lower sides, or without the ability to RF tether/without an anti rebound bar - but she was much happier in the Diono, and overall so was I. I did end up going with the Rainier for the (slightly) deeper sides....
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Hello! I would pick the diono for a child that tall for the leg room alone. It has easier loading. More leg room. Memory foam under the bum. Nice cover choices. Does it have more quirks, yes. But just come back here to ask for help if you need to.
I'm thinking the britax seat would be perfect except for lack of leg room.


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Sorry if adding another seat just adds to the difficulty . . . but . . .

Have you considered the Clek Fllo? Has the nice higher-than-40 lb RF weight limit of the Radian RXT/Rainier (Fllo goes to 50 lb) but is taller (tho not as tall as the Clicktights). Lots of RF leg room. Disadvantage is $$$ and that it wouldn't be a good seat (in my opinion; heavy) for airplane travel.

(Edited regarding RF weight limit error)


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We actually just got a Fllo.
Sold some Radians. I guess I wanted to try something different, and this seat has been great so far! 50 lbs. RF limit, anti-rebound bar, beautiful fabric. Not a low profile seat but RF behind me in the van, it's no problem at all. Harness is super easy to use!

I got blue, and it's for my 2 YO girl right now. When she outgrows it (or when baby outgrows his Graco Snugride 40), he is going in the Fllo (hence blue was a good choice). I imagine she'll RF to at least 3, but I doubt she'll get to 4 before one of them needs to switch.
Then my girl will go in a Sure Ride for forward-facing and the boy can just RF for as long as he fits in the Fllo, then probably go FF in it. Unless something changes...:)

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