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What is the best travel system out right now? My friend really wants a travel system for her baby due this summer. Something that is user friendly is a must as she is not car seat savvy at all. No special rules or anything. Girly prints are preferred. I don't think she has a budget but probably nothing over $250.

Any suggestions?


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What is the best travel system out right now? My friend really wants a travel system for her baby due this summer. Something that is user friendly is a must as she is not car seat savvy at all. No special rules or anything. Girly prints are preferred. I don't think she has a budget but probably nothing over $250.

Any suggestions?
If I were interested in a travel system, I would consider and urbini just because I think it looks nice or a snap n go frame thing. With my first kid, I bought a safety first set and replaced it quickly. I don't like leaving the baby in the car seat out of the car and my preferred stroller (joovy) doesn't make car seats. Both of my sister in laws had travel systems, one was a graco and one was a chicco, and both replaced the strollers even before their babies had outgrown the infant seats. I would definitely test out strollers before purchasing a travel system. Just my $0.02.


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Yeah, make sure she researches the stroller even more than the carseat. Though it's good to stick to Graco or Chicco because down the road those carseats fit into more doubles easier (I get this problem a LOT at BRU, people hate that whatever travel system seat they started with doesn't work on any doubles in two years when they have a second kiddo).

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I agree about the Britax B-Agile with the B-Safe. Great stroller. My sister has been very happy with hers. I also see a ton of people with the Keyfit Caddies. Those things look convenient and they have great storage and cup holders. Then she can choose a stroller later on when she's done with the infant seat and knows more about her lifestyle needs/wants as a parent. If I were getting a Keyfit and were a first timer, that's the way I'd go.

Oh, and I'd also check out the Graco version of the City Mini/B-Agile. I don't know much about it, but it seems like a decent knock-off and is probably less expensive as a travel system than the B-Agile.


Do you mean the Bravo Trio? I'm trying to get my friend to put it on her registry. it comes with a chicco Keyfit 30 which would be easy for them and hopefully fit in her car.

It's about $350 and would be perfect for a pitch-in gift.


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I would totally do the infant seat of my choice + Snap'n'Go/Caddy type thing, then get a stroller later based on what kind of stroller you find out you actually need.

There are lots of used Snap'n'Gos (and whatever the Graco one is) around; fewer used Chicco Caddys, though.


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I love my Chico Keyfit and liteway plus, I love that it's fairly lightweight but accepts the infant seat and has a regular seat for the kid and is super easy to switch between the 2 modes. Very versatile and nice and compact, it does not take up a lot of space in my trunk.


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I wasn't a huge fan of the Liteway Plus. I found it difficult to get the car seat clipped on. DD didn't seem to have the same issue however. She sold the stroller not long after finishing with the car seat and got some other crappy stroller she ended up hating, even though I told her so….. Then she got a plain Liteway which she likes.

Yes, I was thinking of the Trio.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of the KeyFit either. It's cute and easy to use, but both the kids sweated like pigs in it and Griffin had a real chin on chest issue in it. It was much better after I got the Magic insert though.

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But I would also suggest buying a used stroller frame with a new car seat of her choice. Then buy a "nicer" stroller down the line.

I bought a SS1 and matching Quattro for DS. The Quattro was to big for my Neon so was rarely used. I ended up buying a used snap n go. Then when he was out of the bucket got a stroller that fit in my trunk. I just got the click connect 35 to have "in waiting" (no not pregnancy announcement). I'm really impressed with the seat. It's currently in my living room with one of DD's preemie dolls fitting in it nicely.


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I agree with carseat and stroller frame. Or think in advance about what type of walking she does and therefore what type of stroller she needs. We fared best with an all-terrain stroller. We kept a used snap n go in the trunk that I bought for $10 and but our money towards a BOB with a infant seat adapter. I live in an old neighborhood with very uneven side walks due to tree roots, so for us a typical travel system stroller would have been a waste.


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We like our Keyfit + caddy but if she really wants a travel system, she could do much worse than the Britax set. I understand that many people really like the b-agile as a "one and only" stroller (we had a very similar BJCM with our first) and the b-safe is supposed to be nice as well. I had a Liteway Plus for a while and didn't really care for it. Overall the Chicco strollers are a bit clunky -- the new one looks nice but heavy. You could also ask on Stroller Queen Stroller Swap on facebook.


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The only "travel system" I would recommend is the Britax BAgile. The infant seat is nice and long lasting and the stroller has a nice push, easy fold and could easily be the only stroller a person could need. Watch Amazon warehouse as they often have them close to your budget.

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