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We are expecting our first child, due a month from now, and really need to find a rear facing infant seat that fits in my 2013 2-door mini hardtop. We bought a Britax Ulra Safe, but installed on the base the passenger seat needs to be all the way forward and the back totally upright, or it touches the car seat. We went for a 20 minute drive like this, and I was so uncomfortable sitting in that passenger seat! What can you recommend for an infant seat that can fit more easily and work well for a newborn in the Mini?

As an added piece, we were just gifted a used Uppababy CRUZ. It would be an extra benefit if the seat could work with the stroller. We are happy to buy the adapter.

Thanks for your help!


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The most compact rear-facing only seat is the Cybex Aton. After that the Chicco Keyfit is a very compact option.

Another option is a convertible seat- the Combi Coccoro is very compact and usually works from birth.

I've not put any of these in your vehicle (though I have worked in one), but they are all much more compact than what you have now and may be worth trying.

While a travel system with car seat clicking into stroller is convenient for quick in and out type trips or getting through the airport, remember that it isn't something to use all the time, and babies must be closely watched at all times when in the car seat outside of the car. :)


Thank you! This is really helpful. I like the idea of the convertible seat if it will last us longer.

Is there any trade off with safety or convienience to go with convertible vs the infant seat? How much longer would the Combi be likely to last us?

Do you know the measurements front to back of the Combi in its newborn position, the KeyFit and the Cybex?

Thanks so much!


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The front to back will vary when installed in various cars. But, the Keyfit or Coccoro should give you about 2 inches more space than what you have in. The Aton (Not Q or cloud Q mind you) gives an additional 1 inch over that, generally.

The Coccoro is not as tall as most convertibles. You'd still want another rear-facing convertible after that unless you have a very very very small child. It is less convenient in some ways but more in others; I personally would rather slide a front seat back holding the baby, load in and slide back up than try to reach a bucket in and out in a 2 door. No safety difference in a convertible from birth as long as fit is good.

If you want something longer lasting there are some other convertible options though they may take up a bit more room.

Also, make sure the front seat is upright as possible. I forgot mention this but not only is it safer for the passenger, it will give a lot of room compared to reclined.


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When I took the CPST course in the fall of 2013, one of my classmates had a Mini that she allowed us to practice in. I think it was a 2-door, but I am not completely sure. She had a Cocorro that I think she used from her child's birth, and it worked well for her!


I helped a VERY pregnant friend install a Cybex Aton in the back of her mini convertible.

The front seat was fine for me at 5’6” but probably wouldn’t have been as comfortable for someone over 5’8” she is only 5’2” and when riding as the passenger is very comfortable.

Now that the baby is here they are using the car regularly. It, obviously, isn’t as convenient as a minivan, but is working well while she finishes her last year of graduate school.

Her husband has a small pickup truck with no back seat, so her car is the “family hauler” for when they all go together.

She uses a Mountain Buggy Nano stroller and it works well with the Aton. She puts the compactly folded stroller on the floor behind the driver’s seat and buckles in the diaper bag, in the backseat, behind the driver.

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