Question Best Harnessed seat to buy PLEASE


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My friend was in a car accident (everyone is fine) and will be getting two new car seats for her boys. I recommended the Sunshine Kids Monterrey (I love this booster) for her almost 7 year old, but am not sure about which seat to suggest she get for her 3 1/2 year old. I know there are a lot of good seats, but if you were getting a seat now and insurance was paying for it...which would you get? The only ones I had to suggest were the Marathon (which I have, my kid loves and I find really easy to install correctly) or Radian 65/80. I told her I'd post the question here as you have such great information. I am hoping to see some sort of consensus that will make the choice easy. Her car is a 3 row Lexus SUV, so I don't think any of the seats would be a problem in terms of installation/fit.
Thank you for your recommendations.


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No, but he's fairly average size for his age. Something that will last to a higher height limit would probably be best. I don't think she wants to go as big as a Regent (should have mentioned in original post). She is a bit overloaded at the moment and is not going to size him in different seats or shop around. She is just going to order the seat I recommend as she needs to get the seats now. I know that there is no "best" car seat, but there must be a couple that stand out for length of use, safety, comfort, etc... if you could buy any seat.


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For a 3 year old who is forward-facing, I would recommend the Graco Nautilus or the Britax Frontier. The Radian is also an option, but it's half-wasted if it will never be used RF or in a "tight-fit" situation.


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So is the Radian more for "tight fit" or rear facing, but not the best if just being used forward facing? What about the Marathon? Are there any other really good seats? She doesn't care about having a seat that will convert to a booster, just wants the best harnessed seat for comfort, safety.


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Oh, the Radian is a great FF seat, it's just silly to pay that kind of money for something when you're only going to use half the features, yk? Might as well spend it on something like the Nautilus or Frontier which will last longer (both convert to boosters.)

The comfort question is up in the air. What one kid considers comfy could be another kid's nightmare. What was he riding in before?


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The Radian is fine for a forward facing seat, it's just a LOT of money for a seat that will not last as long as other seats.

The Nautilus is cheaper than the Marathon and will last as a harnessed seat several years longer. It's an excellent HWH seat and would be my number one recommendation


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The Nautilus would still be my recommendation.
Yep, same here. I actually prefer the Nautilus over the Frontier, but there are plenty of people who hate the Nautilus, too. That's why I asked which carseat your friend's son was in before the crash.

One complaint about the Nautilus is that it "feels flimsy," which it would if you're used to Britax seats, but I feel it's sturdy enough for my comfort. Another complaint is that the crotch area is too snug for some children, or there's not enough shoulder room. These aren't huge issues, even if we're just considering comfort - there are plenty of kids who find them perfectly comfortable.

But if you're asking us which is the most comfortable carseat in the world? Chocolate. ;)


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What if money isn't a concern? I believe the insurance company is payiing for the seat. Not sure what seat she had before.
Money should absolutely be a concern, when insurance is involved, its not fair to make them pay for a $400 seat, when she didn't have one before. :twocents:

I recommend the Nautilus also FWIW.

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