Best first booster?


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DS just turned 5. I would like to booster train him now for short trips with the plan of him being fully boostered by age 6. He is about 42 lbs but wears a sz 7 slim pant, he is all leg. He is a smidge over the top slots of our MA, still slightly under the MR and on the third slot of our GN.
There is no latch option in his assigned seating location. What booster is best for a narrow kiddo? I looked at the vivo on albeebaby but it looks like there are two different styles? What booster would you choose?


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The Parkway was not a good fit for my slender DD. We've been very happy with both our Vivo and Turbobooster. Personally, I like the substantial sides/wings of the Vivo for booster training. It's kind of more confining (but not in a bad way), so it helped to remind DD that she needed to sit still and properly in it.


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I love our Vivo!! Not sure about the 2 different styles, quite possibly just different cover styles though (older/newer).

The seat is a little short on the Vivo, but it adjusts fairly tall and my DD has never complained about the seat depth (if we're doing a long drive we'll put a duffle bag under her feet for a foot rest).


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I'll cast another vote for the Vivo. It's a fantastic booster for the price and the beefy side wings really help keep kids in place. The fact that it stays together when you pick it up and move it around is a bonus! I wouldn't sweat the shorter seat pan depth. DS2 is 8 now and wears a size 8/10 pants and doesn't complain about it, at least not yet. HTH!


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I wasn't crazy about the turbo booster because it did fall apart so easily. What is the concensus about the probooster (recaro) for skinny kids?


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Dd is a little heavier, 48ish inches tall, and also a 7 slim pants size. She's older and has been in boosters for a few years, but if they're of similar size/build, I can tell you what's worked for her (granted, we haven't tried a lot).
Big Kid didn't work well for her. The belt fit was okay but not spectacular. She currently has an Oobr in my car and a Turbo with SS in dh's car. Both provide a good fit and she's comfortable in both. She has a regular Turbo at my parents' which also gives her a good fit.


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I wasn't crazy about the turbo booster because it did fall apart so easily. What is the concensus about the probooster (recaro) for skinny kids?
I have let my 5 yo occassionally ride in a ProBooster and he fits in it well. He is about 45lbs and 42", wears a size 5. He is a pretty solid little guy, but no broad shouldered.

I like the fit of the ProBooster better than Parkway SG/SGL on him.


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I liked the vivo and the dreamtime. Also the turbo but it does fall apart when you pic it up. Parkway SG never did fit my tall/skinny guy well even when he was 67 lbs and right at 4 foot tall.


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Parkway doesn't fit my dd2 or ds :thumbsdown: The Vivo and TB with safety surround are excellent choices. We love our ProBooster and it fits like a dream BUT it will be tippy on a flat seat like a bench seat. I use the ProBooster in the captains seat of my minivan and its perfect...its my favorite :love:

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