bad child passenger safety in the comics



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What's wrong with that? You don't like the four year old looking one with nothing but the shoulder belt under her arm? Or is the the six month old FFing in the tray shield that gets your goat?

Some people are so picky!




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What's wrong with that? You don't like the four year old looking one with nothing but the shoulder belt under her arm? Or is the the six month old FFing in the tray shield that gets your goat?

Some people are so picky!



LOL Wendy, your funny!! I didn't even notice the little girl with belt under her arm!

By the way I sent you a PM.


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LOL, we have a 'Arthur' book and he gets to ride in the front seat because 'he has an important job' (they are on the way to a wedding, and he's the ring bearer) with mom and 2 sisters in the back seat (baby in a ff seat as well!).

Funny the things we notice...


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That really IS BAD! :eek: I think the girl is probably 'booster age' actually but you'd think with all the effort that went into drawing the car seat that she could have a booster and get that shoulder belt in the right place . I mean NO WONDER I see kids like that so often. The parents probably don't know it's bad either :( .
What we need in the comics is an occasional parent to go out and buy a booster or chastise a child for not wearing a seatbelt correctly! :D


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Yeah, I can't really fault the overhead shield thing (they suck, but you can buy them, they must pass testing), but I'm pretty sure Nick is supposed to be under a year old, and the girl is almost certainly too young and too small to not be in a booster but in any case the shoulder belt under the arm! The rest of the strip was just "blah blah blah blah" to me, all I could see were those kids inadequately restrained.


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I get "Rose is Rose" in my email and they're really bad with car seats too. Some of them are really good though. I think Baby Blues had Hammie RF past his 1st bday and the little girl in a 5 pt harness for a long time.


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What about in Toy Story? The mom has the little boy in the back seat, but the baby (in the infant seat, I think - don't remember anymore) in the front passenger seat...


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It also gets me when the adults remove the headrest for themselves or just don't bother to keep it up high enough....

Bet we could make our own pro CPSafety comic ;) :D :p


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I think this falls into the "you know your a car seat nazi/freak/tech" category. :rolleyes: BTW, I only get the Wed. paper (it's free and delivered to my door) so I happened to see it. I didn't notice the baby, I just noticed the kid with the shoulder belt under her arm.

On the flip side, a couple of years ago "Adam" had a comic of car seat installation that called it an "aerobic workout." :) He was in the car with sweat flying off. . . made me laugh and I've used it in some presentations to parents. . .it's really not that bad (unless it's 90 when you're doing it).

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LOL! It is funny what you start to notice when you are a "carseat freak" like a lot of us seem to be! :p


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I should have included this in my previous post...

No offense meant to anyone, of course.

:p :) ;)

That's a ditto from here too because, of course, I'm talking about myself.

I was teasingly called a "Stalker" last week when I went into a school (I'm working as a consultant this quarter so I spend a lot of time in parking lots at different schools) and asked some of the staff I know if they knew who owned a car in the lot. The car had a FF seat but the LATCH was in the RF position (never found the owner).

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