At what height/weight/age would a kid not be dwarfed in a Regent?


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This is a follow up to my post the other day, about infant seats for the new babe.

I realize this is down the road a bit, but I'm a planner by nature (darn that left-brain thing!) so I want to have an idea. If I pass DD's convertibles down to the new baby when he outgrows the infant seat, will she be okay in a Regent? She'll be 3 and 33lbs, maybe? (she's 30lbs now at 2.5) She's been holding steady at 60th percentile for height, too.

Ideally I'd have liked to kept her RFing. But as it stands, she's FF in 2 of the 3 cars she rides in (logistical reasons make RFing difficult in these two cars). So while I'd prefer RFing, I'm okay with her FF too.

This is probably a really dumb question. . but I've never gotten to play with a Regent up close.


I moved DD#2 to a regent when she was 3 years and 2 months old. I am not sure how tall she is but she is 80% for height and weighed 33 pounds at the time. She was about to outgrow the roundabout harness at that time and fit well in the second to bottom slot on the regent. She fits great in that seat.


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Here is a picture of my DD in her Regent at 3 yrs, 34 lbs (37"???)14" torso. As you can see, she fit great.


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Hayley was 2 years, 8 months, 38 inches and 35ish pounds when we moved her to the Husky (same as Regent). She had officially outgrown a Cosco Alpha Omega a couple of months prior, at the same height, 38 inches, and about 33 pounds. She was very long-torsoed back then.

These pics were taken at 2y8mo, 38 inches and 35 pounds, then 2y9mo, 38 inches and 36 pounds, 3y4mo, 41 inches and 39 pounds, then 3y9mo, 42 inches and 41 pounds.



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Awesome! Thanks for the pics! A picture is worth a thousand words.

I think she'll fit just fine. So to get the biggest bang for my buck, I think I'll get Regents (or whatever else might be on the market next year) for her instead of more convertables for the new kiddo ;)


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Awesome! Thanks for the pics! A picture is worth a thousand words.

I think she'll fit just fine. So to get the biggest bang for my buck, I think I'll get Regents (or whatever else might be on the market next year) for her instead of more convertables for the new kiddo ;)

This is what I did. I left DD#1 in her Convertibles until DD#2 was ready for them and we got Regents for DD#1 I glad we made that decision. It has worked out really well and with all the attention the new baby gets DD#1 was excited to have her new girly seat that everyone notices!


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DD was about 2 3/4 years old, 25 lbs, and 36 inches when we got a Regent for my mom's car. She fits great, probably because she's so tall for her weight. I thought the Regent would look huge but when it arrived I realized it wasn't *that* big.
She's rearfacing in a Radian in our car, with about 3.5 inches of shell above her head.


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Here is my son when we first moved him to the Regent at 25 months old, 38.5'' tall and 36 lbs. He fit great, had just moved out of a 2004 Evenflo Triumph V.




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Here is Heather in the Husky when she was 3 yo, 35" and about 29#. She was at or slightly below the bottom harness slots.




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We bought the Husky when Leila was 2 years old -- it was her older half sister's seat, but Leila did need to ride in it on occasion.... She was tall & very thin: the harness always fit her well & we just used a crib pillow or fleece throw blanket for head support :) I don't have pix of Leila that young in the Husky, but here's a comparison of her in the Apex + Husky, both at 4 years old, as well as Leila's older half sister @ 7 yrs old (2 years before she outgrew the seat: sorry I haven't scanned the pic from her final ride @ 9 yrs, somewhere between 75-80# almost 5' tall: leggy) because while the Apex & Husky take up the same width on the vehicle seat, the double shelled hollow frame design of the Husky/Regent fits smaller kids better IME yet continues to fit bigger, older kids well, too! :thumbsup:


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I think she would fit fine. At 26 months, DD1 was on the second-from-bottom slots at 35" and 27lbs.

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