At what age/point to booster??


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Did will be 7 on 9/11. She rides in a fr85 98% of the time. She also has a turbo booster. Since we have multiple fr85s she rarely rides in the TB except a few miles round trip. She has used it for a few 40min one way trips, but she just can't sit still. The fr85 just looks more comfortable when she falls asleep. She would be fine in a booster 100% of the time, but I'm just more comfortable with her in fr85.

At what point do you use a backless booster??? We need a couple of spare seats And she is about to outgrow the fr85s harness. In mils Volvo she has to use the tb w/o back, but only goes a mile or two.

When to use HB booster?
When to use NB/LB booster?
Cheap options for extended family vehicles?

47ish", but wears 8 or 10 shirt


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We started using a NBB pretty early as a 'just in case' type seat. I think we got one for DD when she was about 5.5 yo (at the time she was still harnessed in our main vehicle and had been using a HBB in our 2nd vehicle since she turned 5). We converted her PW to a NBB in our main vehicle when she was almost 8.5yo (so she's currently using a NBB in 2 of our vehicles and a HBB in our truck because the headrest/seatback isn't tall enough).

With DS he started using a HBB part time when he was about 5y9m, he slept great in it from the start. This spring we got a 3rd vehicle and just put his spare NBB in that for him. So he's 6.5 and HBB in 2 vehicles, NBB inthe 3rd, although if we're going to be driving more than an hour or there's any chance he'll fall asleep (which he does more than his sister) we put a HBB in for him.

My kids have never had a problem sleeping in their HBB, actually, DS slumped more when we first moved him to the Frontier (harnessed) then he has in a HBB.

If your DD is tall (sounds like a long torso in size 8-10 shirts, my 8.5yo is 50" is still mainly in 7-8) I'd say there aren't going to be many HBB's that will last long, especially if you're looking for lower cost. I'd get NBB's for extras and use a HBB in your vehicle(s) for another 1-2 years.


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What about the Costco topside booster? $12 something on amazon. We'll keep her in the fr85s in our vehicles..


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The only thing I know about that one is it has the odd belt routing, the shoulder belt doesn't go under the armrests at all.

We have the Harmony Literider/Youthbooster for our dedicated NBB's. ($13 @ Walmart)


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DS is just over 8 1/2 and has been in a backless booster about a month. He was harnessed until a month after turning 7. Then high back booster until just recently. It is definitely scary going from step to step. I will say I love the ease of a no back booster. And it's so light!


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My son turned 8yo this month, he is 55lbs and 50.5". We moved him from the harness in the Fromtier85 to the booster feature in the same seat a few weeks ago. He still fit well harnessed and hadn't complained so until I took it out to wash it I didn't see a reason to move him.

In my husband's car he uses a Parkway (with the back) and has for hmm, about a year. We also have a backless turbo booster that he has used for occasional rides with friends since about 6yo.

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