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I have no clue what to do about DH's car. I need a convertible for both my DDs to share (almost 4 and 5, both about 30# not sure about height but small).
I have tried sooooo many seats in there ('03 accord) and the only thing I can get installed right is a recaro, and I think that's because of the lock off. Anything else moves all over no matter how tight I get it.
So today I did the BRU trade in and got the nautilus elite because it has a lock off. Great except no matter what I say DH loosens and tightness everytime. And in playing with it just now its impossible to tighten with a kid in it.
My DH is pickier than I am with seats. The recaro sits too high up and with the consumer report test thing he won't use it. And a seat that is difficult to tighten he won't use. I can't put a Britax in his car because my youngest is autistic and chews on everything and I'm about 100% positive she'll chew on the hugs.
I don't know what to do. I need a seat that doesn't exist.

ETA: He honestly will need to loosen/tighten when going from one kid to the other, they are about an inch difference in height.

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My DH has the exact came complaint with both our Argos and Nautilus. Are either or both of them very close to the top of that seating position. Evidently it is a know thing that, as the kiddo gets close to the top of that slot (i.e. their shoulders are even with the slots) it gets much harder to tighten. I popped the back up a notch and it was so much easier to tighten (and is still close enough to his shoulders that I am comfortable with it.

I have also found that for some reason DH has this tendency to pull to the side on the tightening strap (down and toward the door if that makes sense). I find that I have much better success pulling the strap straight forward. I found the easiest to tighten the seat was to buckle him, then tighten it from the front seats, but that was when he was in the middle of the back seat. Now that he is outboard it doesn't work as well.

Here is my process when I clip him in and tighten if it helps: Clip the buckle and chest clip, pull up on the shoulder straps while pushing down on the buckle to get the slack out from around the hips, put one hand on the seat by the release level and pull a little up and straight out on the strap with the other. It's a few extra steps, but I get him safely tight everytime.


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What's your budget? Fllo?

Would you/he be open to rear facing? Maybe a RF seat would install easier?

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I don't actually own one, but the IMMI Go seems like it would be fairly easy to harness. I like that everything is "up front." I am not surprised that your husband prefers to loosen and tighten every time, since the seat is shared between two kids.

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My first thought was an Evenflo Triumph - I would think it would be a great seat to share. The knobs are wonderful for tightening easily (and loosening), and the straps kind of self-adjust in my opinion (and if they don't, you just push them up). However, IDK if your DH would like it - it may sit up too high for him since it's on a base. Also, I'm not sure how long it would last you at your kids ages, although if they're small and short, probably a while. And, obviously, you wouldn't need the RF feature.


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I ended up getting our RA50 in pretty good, I had DH help me push it into the vehicle seat.
I frustrate myself with how picky I am with seats but my DH is worse than I am!!!!

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I ended up getting our RA50 in pretty good, I had DH help me push it into the vehicle seat.
I frustrate myself with how picky I am with seats but my DH is worse than I am!!!!

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If that ends up not working out, what about the recaro performance sport? No lock off but the seat belt install is different and helped in a place I was struggling to get a nice tight install with other seats. The harness adjuster is buttery smooth. I could pull it from outside with it on the middle seat in dh's truck. Ds3 could also pull it to tighten it while sitting in it and get it almost tight enough. Unless something else comes out that I like better before dd turns ff I will be getting another one at that point.

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