ARGH!!!! Marks in my leather seats!!!!

Oh MAN. I'm in big trouble with DH. I *PROMISED* him that installing the car seats in my Acura MDX leather seats wouldn't ruin them and that any marks/dents would quickly pop out as soon as the seats were removed. Well, DH drove my MDX today which has been without carseats for several days now and he came home pretty unhappy with me ... the first reason was the crackers ALL over the back seat (Whoops!!! I didn't know that) AND then we noticed the seat!!!! I'm pretty sure the marks/dents are from my FPSVD, but they could have been from the Radian65 as well. Either way, they haven't changed from what they looked like when I took the seats out several days ago :eek: I remember that "mini van dad" (haha, I can't remember what his user name is/was but he had a mini van as his pic) always assured people that car seats would not ruin their leather seats.

So ... I'm going to have to get some sort of seat protector to put under them. Diono sells one. Any others that are good? Does it have to be sold by the seat manufacturer to be used with that specific seat? Please help ... hubby isn't very happy (and honestly, neither am I)


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That stinks. The dents in my leather have always worked themselves out but obviously that's no guarantee of anything. If you're looking for a nice vehicle seat protector - I really like the new one sold by Britax. It's marketed to be used with their own seats but they don't prohibit usage with other [non-Britax] CRs.

It's really very thin and super flexible!


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It's not like child carseats are optional. Kids are more important than leather. No point in getting upset. You should see what kids have done to my nice leather couch. :p

That said, there have been no permanent marks in the leather for my Crown Vic, but the leather isn't the soft supple kind--it's smooth and stiffer.


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The leather in my car has a permanent Scenera mark on it. It's been there for months and I've installed multiple seats in the same spot and it doesn't go away. :( I use the sunshine kids super mat or a thin towel under my seats now.


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My parents ended up with marks in their leather seats too, I believe they rubbed Vitamin E oil into it daily and they were gone in a week or so. Now the car seat was in there for maybe 10 days or so straight.

Besides if worst comes to worst; better to have marks in the seats leather and know your kiddies are safe and protected!


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I always tell parents that they can get some leather softener to get the marks out of the seats when they are done with car seats. :) Try getting some of that and see if it helps.


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The marks will definitely come out. Funniest ones I ever had were from a rubbery carseat mat that had a teddy bear print on it (don't know the art term for it, they were lines that just were barely raised from the surface of the mat to make the picture), the bear picture was impressed on my seats for a week or two after the mat and seat were removed. If you have passengers in the back, the heat and pressure from people sitting there makes the dents come out faster ;)

(Many Dorel seats are just...evil, though, why must the bottoms be so sharp?!?!?!)
Of course my kids are more important, lol! But that doesn't mean I shouldn't attempt to protect my car as well. We've never owned this nice of a vehicle, (and it's only an '01! ) My husband asked about mats or a towel under the seats and I told him it wouldn't be necessary...I guess it is! I'll try some of those other suggestions, too! Thanks!

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