Question Are you a manual reader?


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It just car seats, but in general. Long before I had car seats I ready the manuals for my phones, calculators, kitchen gadgets, etc. I am just wondering if the type of person to be meticulous about using the car seat correctly is that way about other things in life?

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It's not just car seats, but in general. Long before I had car seats, I read the manuals for my phones, calculators, kitchen gadgets, etc. I am just wondering if the type of person to be meticulous about using the car seat correctly is that way about other things in life?

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(Better? ;) )

I always read the manual for everything. Sometimes I spread everything out first, so I can see what it is describing. But lately, the manuals for about anything seem to stink, especially cell phones. *sigh* But I wouldn't call myself meticulous about much, other than car seats! Weird!


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Before I had kids, yes. Now I just skim & use the index if needed. Of course I do read car seat manuals thoroughly!


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Yes. I'm definitely a manual reader. I don't always read everything cover to cover; I didn't read my entire dishwasher manual when we got a new dishwasher recently, but then again I wasn't the one installing it. And I still read the parts that seemed most important.

I find I learn best by reading. You can give me verbal instructions all day long and if I don't get to see them written or diagramed I won't understand/retain them. I compensate for that by taking notes; the mere act of taking notes helps cement information into my mind that would otherwise flit away on the wind. So reading has always been a huge part of how I learn.


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I have always been a manual reader. But somehow, I still managed to botch my very first car seat installation, before DS1 was born. I had a snugride 22 installed in the center of a toyota corolla, borrowing latch from both sides. I also couldn't figure out why his head was always falling forward. So I went to a great car seat inspection/installation help and they had me switch to a seat belt installation with locking clip and fit a noodle in the bight to increase the angle. So even with reading the manual, screw ups are possible! Neither the car seat manual or the corolla manual mentioned either of my issues!


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I only read the whole manual with safety devices. So mostly just car seats. Sometimes I read the set up part of the manual for other stuff put mostly I just wing it.


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I'm not really a manual reader per se but I keep EVERY manual for anything--iron, toys, tv, refrigerator, large appliances, small appliances, vehicles, phones, etc.... I have a file AND a drawer for them.:p


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I never remember reading any manuals ever, not even for carseats.

THEN I got really info carseats, and I devour those manuals now. I read every word, and even try to interpret them or call the company if something is unclear. I can learn something new even re-reading them!

As a parent with my first child I was concerned about finding the perfect seat for us, and I read tons of reviews on Amazon. And not the manual. So that's scary because it probably means most people don't read them. :(

For example, I didn't know about the Safe-Stop for over 2 years with my Radian! (And the carseat check I went to a few years ago certainly did not say anything about it).
But, at least that was the past.


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I've always been a manual and directions reader. I also read all of the labels on just about anything you can buy- laundry soap, cleaning supplies, etc. Between the car manual and youtube videos I taught myself how to change brakes and rotors :cool:


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Yes, and I keep every manual to everything too. I have a drawer full of manuals. :D I've been surprised at how much I learn! Just got done reading the manual for the RA55 yesterday.


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Oh my car seats weren't perfect either, even though I read the manuals. Looking back at pictures my biggest mistake was coats (and ffing at 16 months).

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Yep, I'm a manual reader & saver. I blame it on my father...who read and kept every manual for everything EVER (he'd throw them away or give them to the item's new owner when we were done with whatever it was, but not until then). I can't imagine not reading a manual. In fact, it drives me nuts when things today don't come with a physical manual.

I get all twitchy when DH wants to throw out manuals because "we can always find it online later." I need my paper manuals.


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I thoroughly read car seat manuals, and things that could potentially harm my children, like the setup for a swingset or a baby swing, etc. But for like a blow dryer or cell phone? No.


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Depends on what it is. If its something simple then no. I didn't read my iPhone manual unless I needed to know something specific.

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