Are Britax Clicktight Convertibles worth the extra $$ and is safety issue resolved?


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I need to get a new convertible seat for my 3.5 year old son (34 lbs, 38"). I was staying away from Britax Clicktight due to the harness issues, but it appears those are resolved now, however not much has been posted recently on them.

I am second guessing whether to get the clicktight due to this and the cost. I do need to use the seat belt in one of our cars as it doesn't have latch so easy seatbelt installation with a lockoff is important. I have gotten very good at moving around the G3 seats with latch.

Anyone have experience installing the Britax G4.1 seats using seatbelts? Is it easy to remove fabric, route belt & lockoff?

I have a Britax Frontier clicktight already, but he looks small in it and would like to put him back in a convertible for a while longer.

From the specs, it looks like the only difference is additional shoulder height. It also looks like it has higher sides.

He is already FF, and was used to a Boulevard G3. I have my 1-year old RF in a Chicco Nextfit, which was the only seat I could find that fit in our car (2016 MDX) at the correct angle (tried Foonf & Peg Perego first). Foonf blocked view on passenger side and didn't allow enough legroom on driver side. Plus it was very hard to install compared to Britax. The only issue with the Nextfit is it sits very low so my little one can only see the seat when we are driving, so I don't want to get another one.

Sorry for the rambling post, my wife thinks I am obsessed with car seat safety ever since our parked car got totaled by a hit & run driver. I just keep thinking what would have happened if her and the kids were still in the car and now want to make sure they are as safe as possible.


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Unless you have an issue with the Frontier, I would use that. There is no safety difference between a forward facing convertible and a combination seat (forward facing harness to booster). Your son does meet the age and size requirements for the Frontier, although I do recall feeling like my godson looked too small in his at first too (in my signature pic, if you can see it)


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It's worth noting that removing the fabric from a Britax Clictight Convertible is not fun... and putting it back on is downright difficult. I had to do it once and I hope I never have to again.

If your child meets all the age and size requirements for the Frontier, there is no safety problem with using it. Even if it looks too big. The holy reason to put him back in a convertible would be if you wanted to rear face him. Which would be fine if he fits RF. :)


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The seatbelt install for the G3/G4 is super easy--takes me only a minute longer than the LATCH install, if that. But my son is the same stats as yours and just a little bit older, and I would much prefer to have him in a Frontier if we could justify spending the money on it right now. I agree with others that if you already have that, you should just use it unless you want to RF him again. I would definitely not buy a new convertible for him, and especially not a G3/G4 unless you are eventually going to need it for your younger child in another car anyway. I was taken aback by how little harness height was remaining in our Marathon G3 when we turned it FFing--especially given that my son still has an inch or so left RFing, so he doesn't have a huge torso by any means. We are just two clicks from the top harness height FFing, which makes no sense to me, but must just be an idiosyncrasy of how the seat fits one way versus the other. (Or else I'm doing something wrong!) Hoping it takes a while for him to grow that last bit, but I'm not holding my breath on it lasting too much longer. You'd presumably get a lot more life out of the newer CT convertibles, but I'd really just stick with the Frontier and see if you get used to it.


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Thanks for the replies. I do want a second seat that can be used for my younger son in the future (after this summer). I also have a Graco Nautilaus with safety surround (Target version), which is currently being used in his camp bus per NY state law.

Anyone still having issues with the clicktight straps coming loose? There are some consumer reviews that complain of the issue after following Britax instructions.
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Anyone still having issues with the clicktight straps coming loose? There are some consumer reviews that complain of the issue after following Britax instructions.
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If you get one with a more recent date of manufacture (anything in 2015 should be fine) you should not experience an issue. The problem was resolved around December or so of 2014. Some people with earlier seats still have been having issues even after following the "fix" instructions. It remains to be seen how that will turn out. Mine was manufactured in October 2014 I think, but I have not been able to make my harness come loose. And I've tried. :) So it doesn't seem to affect all seats even before the "fix" happened.

That's a long way of saying your seat will probably be fine.

I decided to go with the Boulevard Clicktight for only $30 more on Amazon.
Good choice. :) That's the one I have.

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