Anyone know anything about the new Phil&Ted double stroller?


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The original e3 or the e3 twin side by side? I have the original e3 - with the jump seat - let me know if you want more info about that stroller.


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I have an 06 Single w/ doubles seat. So far I love it. I think that id I had two kids closer in age (mine will be 3.5 yrs apart) I "might" want a SBS double like a Twin Swift or Mac for a second stroller. I have used it with my DD (33 lb 3 yrs) and a 8 mo old, a 2.5 yr old, a 2-4 month old and another 3 yr old that weighs 40 lb. It really works great and I can't wait till I have two to fill it up without borrowing a child. It steers with one hand even with two toddlers in it, isn't too wide, and is SO smooth. With two it doesn't have a ton of storage, but I try not to take too much stuff anyway. I've also heard there is an awkward stage when the baby is around 3-5 months and doesn't want to lay down, but isn't ready to sit. I'm sure that instance does arise, but I took the 4.5 month old (maybe 12 lb, really tiny) on a walk yesterday and he loved sitting in the front seat, and I didn't even have it slightly reclined, which I could have. My DD loves the back seat or the front so she doesn't really care. I will probably put her in the back seat until she is too heavy since she gets in and out a lot at stores etc, unless I am using the bassinette, then the back seat is in the front anyway;-)

Hope that helps. I saved for a while to get mine and I am VERY happy. I also think there will be two different single w/doubles seat options in 07, but I don't know much about them. I'm just not looking so I stay happy with what I have. LOL.

PS- If you get one, order an extra "cover" for the napper bar. It will keep your foam handle from getting shredded on the pavement when you fold it. I heard about it from another e3 owner and ordered a black one, even though I have the green stroller. It works great, and was only $4 shipped from Regal Lager.
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I am actually selling my beloved e3 TODAY :( It was awesome during the first year. My boys are 24.5 months apart. I pushed the e3 around with DS1 in it and DS2 in the sling for months before DS2 was happy to sit in the stroller for a bit at a time. In reality, for us, it was really only useful for about 8 months - between DS2 being about 4m-12m. DS1 got too heavy for the rearseat and if he was in the front seat and wanted to get out the stroller was no longer stable with DS2 in the back. So once DS1 wanted to be able to get in and out frequently it was no longer a good fit for us. The stroller has been in my garage for almost a year, unused. I am so sad to sell it but the reality is that when we have #3 DS2 will be at least 2.5 and we will have the same issue.

The side-by-side is likely wonderful since the e3 pushes so well and are such a well built, smooth ride.

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