Anyone have any experience with the KidCo Lifestyle Twin Stroller?


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This stroller is on sale at Albee baby for $140. It's an umbrella style double stoller with a weight limit of 50lbs per seat that also reclines for newborns. It looks like a great deal but I'm neverous to order a stroller without knowing how it steers. Has anyone ever had a chance to try one of these out?


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I have never heard of that stroller before, but what you could do is post a question about it on StrollerSwap (Yahoo Group). I'm sure someone on there has had some experience with it. Or, if you aren't a member I could post a quick question for you and let you know what they say. I am kind of curious myself :)


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I tried to join stroller swap but never heard back with permission. If you could post there for me I'd appreiciate it.


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I was unimpressed with my 2003 KidCo twin, but I don't remember what the exact issue was now. I got it for a very specific purpose (my oldest had a broken leg, and I was 9 months pregnant with my youngest, so I needed a twin that was good over 40 lb per seat), and I got rid of it as soon as I didn't need it any more.


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Thanks for the input, I searched for opinion blurbs, but hadn't found any. Ulrike, please let me know if you think of what the issue was that you disliked.


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Hey Liz,
I haven't heard anything about your KidCo on StrollerSwap yet. I am checking it several times a day though for ya!

I did however get an email from a member here on the forum that is a StrollerSwap member. She hasn't been on this car seat forum in a long time though so she didn't see your post, but she did see my post asking about your KidCo. This is what she emailed to me:

I haven't tried one out Melissa, but I've been tempted. Kidco
used to distribute Maclaren's way back in the day and when Maclaren went their own way here in the US, Kidco started with their own spin-off brand.

You know I got to looking at your kids ages. Have you ever thought about a joovy, E3, or P3. I have heard that SBS's can be a problem if your children are different weights.

I just got my used P3 in the mail and DD 2.5yrs old loves to ride on the back of it. It is a breeze to push, and DS loves the front seat.


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Thanks, Melissa. I've been mulling over and over what stroller will be best for my girls. I keep coming back to the Sit-N-Stand they sell at Target. I need to try it out with the girls in it. My almost 3 year old is a big girl; I found this forum because I was trying to decide what to do about car seats since she was 38lbs in September. She's also tall with a long torso (even with the next to top slots of her new Decathlon). She really liked the standing platform on the Fisher Price Stand N Ride and is probably getting too tall and too heavy to be ride comfortably in a regular stroller seat. The main reservation I had about the Stand N Ride type strollers is that the older child can't ride sitting until the younger child can sit up. But since younger dd is already 3 months old today and I'll probably actually get my double stroller with Christmas money, I guess I don't need to worry to much about that.

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