Anyone have a Pria 85?

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I will admit it, the reason I am interested is the cover (ribble knit -- Mallorca's a soft cottony feel). That and the additional legroom. And the fact that you can not only wash it by machine, but also dry it in the dryer...

My concerns? Reviews seem to indicate that the buckle (anyone know the manufacturer?) is difficult, the install can be a challenge, and the harness can be difficult to tighten and can fray.

Anyone on here have similar experiences? Would you recommend it?

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I'm interested too!! Been drooling over the pink one for months. I played with one at BBB and I didn't see anything I didn't like. Even installed it on the little bench seat they have in-store, seemed pretty straight forward but then again my car isn't a bench seat! The buckle looked like our Evenflo buckles, IIRC.

I'm waiting for DD to hit 35" before I try selling DH on the Pria. I know he wants a Clone. What's an extra $100...? :p
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I have a pria 70, I got suckered in by the bohemian fabric... But honestly I wish I hadn't. It's a Dorel seat, not that I have anything against Dorel, just the seat. The install is kinda a pain as you have to thread the seatbelt through little holders on the side of the seat, but it isn't that bad but I'm not a fan of this line must be level in seats, I much prefer the ball especially for this expensive of a seat. The headwings are close and my 3 year olds ears get bent forward in it which is probably why he hates it and screams and cries hysterically when we try to put him in it. I hate the headrest adjuster and can not get the hang of squeezing the top to adjust the headrest, especially when forward facing it seems impossible. I'm also not a fan of how high up it sits, I always bonked the baby's head on the ceiling of my car when loading and unloading. I never had a probables buckling it aside from trying to lean over him to buckle him and both having enough space because the seat was so high up. I'm also not a fan of how reclined it has to be forward facing if your child is below 40 pounds, because my oldest is tall but skinny, and my youngest will hit the 40" rear facing height limit sooner then I'd like because he's 95th % in height.

It is now living in my trunk, tho I really should move it to my basement. I replaced it with a Graco Milestone and just love how low profile it is and how easy it is to adjust the headrest.


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We have a 70 my daughter loves. The only thing I would change is to make it a bit lower profile. It's no worse than any of our britax seats though and it's one of her favorites bc it's so well cushioned. I find the install easy to. Ff'ing is super easy.

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Well, I tried it out at BRU today. I was impressed with how little room it takes up and yet how roomy and comfortable it looks. So much legroom! And I LOVE the ribble knit fabric.

But I was less enthusiastic about some of the ease of use features. The LATCH strap was threaded through the FF belt path, and it took me a ridiculous amount of time to re-orient it for RF -- and I was still unsure as to whether I had gotten it right or whether it was still twisted somewhere inside there. I also wasn't a fan of the buckle -- I am so used to the IMMI buckles on most of our other seats. The tightening strap didn't feel too difficult, but in comparison to the Milestone (which I installed next), it was cumbersome and difficult.

Overall, I kept finding myself thinking "'s not the best, but I can live with it..." And then I would remember that it is the most expensive seat I have ever considered purchasing!

But it's so pretty and roomy! Argh!

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