Anyone else's kid find the incognito too hard?


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I got one for DD to replace her bubble bum. I figured she'd appreciate the added leg support and easier belt straps.

She sat on it once, declared it too hard, and opted to keep her BB.

Anybody else have this problem or does my kid just have a delicate behind? :eek: :ROTFLMAO:


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DD said the same thing the first time she used it. She also lamented the lack of a cupholder.

I told her she could put her booster back, but she hasn't said another word and has happily used the incognito since. I think she ended up liking the "not a car seat" idea. The foam has developed some creases so it may break in a bit with use as well


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I didn't sit on it but it was very firm. Nothing at all like the Bubble Bum. I don't have her BB inflated super full because she's getting too tall. Her ears are almost at the top of the headrest. It's one of the reasons I ordered the Incognito in the first place.

I wound up returning it. Since the BB has passed testing completely uninflated, my plan is to continue deflating little by little to keep her ears below the top of the headrest until she 5 steps without it. ;)


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Ours showed up yesterday. Dd can't use it yet b/c she's under the weight limit, but I let her try it out (not with the car moving), and she thought it was uncomfortable under her knees, maybe b/c it sort of bumps up there. Kind of reinforces that she's still too small for it and needs her Literider for a few more pounds!


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My son went from a Monterey which is kind of cushy to the incognito and he said it was hard the first time but he likes the incognito because it is much easier for him to buckle and everything. Another girl used one in my son's car she is almost 12 and has been using a bubble bum and she thought the incognito was way to hard. The neighbor boy who is technically a couple of pounds too light because he is skin and bone. He is used to riding in his graco low back with no cover (his parents decision) and he thinks the incognito is cushy compared to that ride but not as nice as when he gets to ride in the front seat of his mom's car.


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DS2 (9 yrs., 54" tall, 90 lbs.) is the perfect size for this product and he tested it extensively in the first few weeks that we had it. He said that even though it's firm that his "butt forgot about it after a few minutes". I laughed about that comment but I totally understand it too. When you sit on it and someone asks for your opinion - your brain is focused on how it feels compared with what you're used to. But after a few minutes of driving around you forget about it being there and it's fine.

Now, granted, he's a big kid and he is at that "in between" stage where most boosters are too small but the seatbelt in our vehicles doesn't fit him right yet. The Incognito is a perfect fit for him and he's a big fan because he's a smart, cps-savvy kid who understands and appreciates the niche that Dorel is trying to fill with this product. I think if they sent us 300 of them my son would be very happy to hand them out and sing their praises to every kid in the 4th grade. Lol.

Incognito Jack.jpg

FWIW - the Recaro Performance Sport on the seat next to him didn't fit him. I had to stuff him into it (and bribe him to smile) just for a few pictures. :p


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I sat on it for 30 minutes each way and it felt ok... then again I have some padding back there lol. I suspect it would conform/break in after a few rides.


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I sat on ours when I first got it and thought it was hard. DS1 (10yrs, 57.5" tall, 91lbs) also declared that it was too hard and that it was a pain to buckle.

He initially said he wanted his Harmony Cruz back asap, but then agreed to try the Incognito for 1 week.

It's been 3 weeks and he's still using it!

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