anyone else have Mercedes ml320? need car seat help


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Hi there. I have 8 month old twins and need to upgrade to a bigger car seat asap (right now we have two Graco Snugrides). I am considering either the Britax Boulevard or the True Fit, however I am not sure if either of these will even fit into our Mercedes SUV ml 320. You would think there would be a ton of room, but even with just two snugrides it is tight.

Unfortunately, I live in an out-of-the-way area and can't go to a store to check this out, as I will need to order the car seats on the internet.

Does anyone have a similar car and know if these car seats would fit? Also, between the Boulevard and the True Fit which would you recommend? I had originally thought for sure the Boulevard but doing some reading on these boards it seems a lot of people recommend the True Fit and it is a lot more inexpensive (though I am willing to pay more if indeed the Boulevard is safer).

Many thanks,



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Hi and welcome to c-s.o!

Is your space problem front to back, or side to side? Often it's front to back. A seat for an older baby who has good head control doesn't need to be as reclined as for a newborn. Newborns need the full 45 degrees of recline because they can't hold up their heads. If the head falls forward, it can cut off the airway. Older babies and toddlers can be more upright. Most convertibles can be 30 degrees, the TrueFit can be up to 35 degrees. Installing the seat more upright means it takes up the same or less room front to back than the SnugRides do.

The TrueFit will fit your kids longer than the Boulevard. Neither seat is safer than the other. All seats must pass the same tests in order to be sold.


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Thanks for your welcome!

My problem is front to back. Already we have to have the driver and front passenger seats fairly far forward with the snugrides. If it is the same as them we will be okay but if they take up any more room it won't be good....



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At 8 months they can sit far more upright, so both convertibles you are looking at will give you inches more space front to back.



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Hi Sasha!!!

Asking which we prefer between the BLVD and TrueFit is like asking hersheys chocolate chips or a hersheys bar? lol I would say it'd probably about 50 50 on who loves each seat.

My vote is BLVD, I love my seat.

You'll really just have to play with each, read about each, order from a place where you can return... Or just pick one and commit. Both are great seats!!


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I don't have a clue about seats in this SUV, but it is one I might be going to look at tomorrow. Not sure if DH will agree it is a choice. If it is, I may try installing our Decathlon in it, which is the same size as the Boulevard and will let you know if I do.

OT, but how do you like it? Is it something that should be on my list. The one we might look at is a 2000 and probably out of our price range, but we will see.


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Thanks everyone for your help.

2Bunnies - funnily enough, ours is actually a 2000 too and we really like it - it is a great car, not too bad on gas, a smooth drive. I would definitely recommend and as far as price goes it was great value for money - not too expensive.

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