Anyone else get their MiFold today?


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Mine came. Haven't tried it on the kids yet. I can try it and post pics if anyone is interested. Interested in anyone else's thoughts.


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The shoulder clip actually closes and the adjuster stays put so the belt will not slip out. Should belt guide fabric is substantial but oh so many tags on it. One belt guide all the way out, one all the way in.


Just to show general size. So about 14 inches if both are fully extended.


Thickness of front that would be under kids' legs. Since it's pretty firm, we'll have to see if this just sinks into the seat cushion and disappears.

Off to try it in the car with kids.


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Sitting on Diono Monterey (without back) for comparison. Captain's chair 2006 Sienna.

Captain's chair. He said the leg edge was really uncomfortable. It also was difficult to get it to lay flat on the seat, especially with one lap side in. This was on the second slot out of each side -- the third slot was too wide for the vehicle's seat and didn't allow the MF to sit flush on the seat.

Sitting on 3rd row bench in same vehicle.

Seems to have lap belt a little too low? Didn't have a real issue with shoulder belt fit without shoulder guide, but he's at upper end of height (I think it said 40" - 57"? and he's 53")

Did a strange thing with belt going into buckle. Sorry it'a a little blurry.

Overall my initial reaction is that it's a gimmick seat that seems very sturdy but will be mainly useful for travel/taxi. One annoying thing was that my lap belt guides easily push back in but require pulling the tab on each side (underneath) to release them out further. So it took a few tries to get lap belt in because we kept having to re-adjust the guides out.


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On a side note/photo, this is said 10 yr old child in the 3rd row with no booster at all. I think he's definitely getting close to not needing something here, but not sure. Thoughts? In the captain's chair, he definitely needs something. I think he doesn't meet the weight minimum for an incognito yet and I've never tried one but maybe that's an option. However the LBBS we have now are good for either child so they can switch around...if it ain't broke???


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I don't like the lap belt fit. What a disappointment. I hoped it would be better.

He does look great without the booster there. If his knees bend at the seat edge I think he's ok there.

I'd love to see a smaller kid in it if you get a chance!


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In my sienna, I find kids 5 step first in the 8th seat, followed by 3rd row, driver's side. I'm not impressed with the mifold and I'm glad. I didn't want to desire to have to buy it.


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Did you try with the shoulder adjuster? In the Mifold webinar they said the shoulder adjuster clip is required even if the child gets good fit without it.


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Did you try with the shoulder adjuster? In the Mifold webinar they said the shoulder adjuster clip is required even if the child gets good fit without it.
Yes - tried it both times. Would probably make a difference on a smaller kid. Haven't fully read the manual yet and I watched the video so long ago:)

And thanks for the opinions on my kid sans booster.


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image-3572832444.jpg image-1950439844.jpg image-1923045803.jpg image-2049543525.jpg Car #2, kid #2. She's almost 8, around 48" and high 40s in weight. Car is 2012 Infiniti G37X. Super banked back seat pans. She says it was fine comfort-wise. Shoulder belt definitely needed the positioner but it was fine with it. Main problem is how low the belt it on her legs.
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Is it just me, or does the lap fit look different between the 2 kids? It seems to fit Lemonade's kids better.

On a side note, I think I've spent too much time on FB and not enough time in here... calling you Lemonade and not your first name, was super weird. LOL

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