Any word on the Diono angle adjuster?


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I bought a beautiful plum Radian RXT, but I need the andle adjuster before I can use it. Because of DD1's school drop off, the Radian has to go behind my seat and I can't do that without driving in the dashboard.

Any idea of when it might be available? I'm on the notification list at and Amazon even took it off the site.

If you're allowed to brace it, how much can you brace it? What is a good measure?




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I ordered it from Amazon weeks ago and they keep pushing back the date on when it will be available. The latest update was: March 16, 2012 - March 28, 2012
I have no clue where else I could order one so I'm just going to wait this order out and see how long it will take to ship. :cool: BTW I totally want to get the plum cover :).
You could sign up for Amazon email notification as well here: [ame=""] Diono Radian Angle Car Seat Accessory: Baby[/ame]
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I ordered one on amazon and it said 6-8 weeks on shipping. I don't HAVE to have one but I would love to stop smacking the rn with my shoulder everytime I get in the car! It pokes up between my two front seats.


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The Radian allows bracing, quite significantly, in fact. What vehicle (make/model/year) do you drive? That will impact the situation more.

I have a Radian forcefully braced behind my driver's seat and it works out great for both of us (us = me and the child.) I am the only driver of the vehicle, except in extremely rare circumstances... if I shared it with someone else it might be a different story.


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I drive a '08 Volvo XC90.

It's a 7-passenger so it has 2 inches less legroom than the '08 5-passenger. But they no longer make the 5-passenger.

I have DD1 in the built-in booster in the middle, which we both love. I always have an extra booster or 2, in case of emergencies.

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Thank you Wendy!!!!! I always knew you were nice and knowledgable, and now I'm impressed with your web skills too!

I ordered immediately - and paid slightly more for shipping than the adjuster cost. Oh well!

Thank you all so much!

And if you have any comments on the bracing issue in the meantime, I'm happy to hear them.



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Don't be impressed yet. I hear they charge a lot for shipping (but they have it), and they're a local store to me. :)



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With a newer car, you'll need to check in your manual. You'll look in the child restraint section, and in the airbags section, for warnings about weight/pressure in the seatback pocket, things under the seat, feet on the seat, etc etc. Pay attention to if the sensor is implied to be in the seat bottom or seat back, and if the warnings are for the passenger side or both front seats.

If they apply only to the seat bottoms, or only to the passenger seat, you are good to brace on the driver's side. Move the front seat forward, and upright, and then install the Radian as upright as you can. Then move the front seat back until the two are in contact.

You can continue moving the front seat backwards, including making the Radian upright, until a) you reach the desired seat position, or b) the Radian's base begins to lift off of the seat. (If that happens, move the seat back forwards until it is fully in contact again.)

Putting the seatback more upright will allow you to scoot the seat further back, and it's safer, too. (You'll get used to sitting that way quite quickly!)

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