Any new booster options for small adults?


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We've discussed this here several times in the past, and I was nearly at the point of getting a backless booster to use myself in my dh's car, but then I got pg and I actually fit his seatbelts a little better when pg. Now that I have occasion to ride in dh's car sometimes again, I'm back to feeling uneasy and looking to see what my options are. It looks like there are a number of boosters that would work for my weight, but it's hip room that is likely to be the main factor. The problem in his car is that he has rigid belt stalks that are attached to the seat, and the belt stalk sticks out past my lap. So, there's no way to adjust the seat to make the belt sit against me on the buckle side--the rigid stalk holds it away from my body. I'm very uncomfortable with the safety of that.

So, any recommendations for someone 5'3" and ~110? This would be only for when I'm a passenger in his car (I'm more uneasy about using one when driving--which I very rarely do in his car--since it might put me closer to the steering wheel). The seat could be stored in his trunk for backup for my oldest in a pinch, too (she rides in a HBB).


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That's a novel idea, lol. I'm so used to ordering everything that it didn't strike me to go somewhere and try them in person. have to admit I'd feel a little goofy sitting in booster seats in the middle of the aisle in Target :eek:. So, if anyone can spare me that and I can order from somewhere, I'm probably more likely to go that route.


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The harmony at Toys r us is wider an goes to 110lbs comes in pink and green its only $20. You can ask to try it in the cat too, and dont let what they think bother you.

I'm 5'5" and could use one too in some cars but at 210 my butt wont fit or els I'd go do it too so you wouldnt have to feel silly all alone.


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SK's come out with a backless Monterey called the [ame=""]Sante Fe[/ame], but it's pricy.


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What about the Harmony Literider? It's arms are so small, I don't think they'd be in your way, maybe even support the hips a little.

Or, how about that little inflatable one? Maybe that would work for you, it has no arms at all.


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I haven't tried it out, but I saw the [ame=""]Harmony Olympian [/ame]at BBB last week. That sucker is HUGE! At least, in front-to-back room/leg support. Not sure about the width. I've considered getting myself a booster a time or two (my roommate's back seat belts don't fit me well... actually most backseat belts dont, I'm 5'4" and... heavier than you lol.)

So it's another one for you to look at. Not sure how different it is from the Secure Comfort.

(Addendum: Dear Amazon, why do you say a backless booster is perfect 'for baby?' Really, it doesn't take anyone with ANY sense to know you shouldn't put an infant in that. Really?)


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I went to Toys R Us, but ours didn't have the Harmony. They only had two backless boosters, actually--The Turbo, and now I can't remember which other (another Graco, I think). So, I'm thinking of either ordering the Harmony Olympian from Amazon (free returns on "Baby" items (gah, on the "Baby")), or the Santa Fe. I'll see if I can squeeze into the Monterey, first, but my recollection is that I could fit, but it was a pretty tight squeeze for my hips.


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Just curious... How big of a deal is it to go over the weight limit on a booster? My mom is 5'0 and has always sat on a pillow. I don't think she'd be opposed to a booster :) But I'm not sure what she weighs.


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Well, I tried the Monterey in backless mode in the car tonight, and worse than the fact that my hips were pretty tight in there, was that it boosts me so high that I was too close to the roof for comfort. I hadn't thought of that. I was just a couple inches away, but if I moved my head to the side, it would hit the roof where it slopes down. I couldn't ride like that. I'm wondering if the Monterey base is any higher than others. I'm only 5'3", so I'm surprised (this was in an Audi A4--in my Sienna, it probably would have been better, but my seatbelt fits fine in the Sienna, thankfully).

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