Question Another "do my seats need replacing?" thread


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I know these come up a lot, but I gotta ask anyway. :D

I was in a collision a few hours ago coming home from work. I was driving on the freeway, but preparing to exit and since it's rush hour, I was slowing down. Well, the guy behind me obviously didn't get the memo and rear-ended me. I was going maybe 10mph and he was going 30-40 when he hit me. He didn't even attempt to stop or swerve. My airbags did not deploy, but I hear that's fairly common when rear-ended. His car's airbags didn't deploy, I don't think, but then again his car may not have even had airbags. It was hard to tell the model year. . but it was a Mitsubishi Galant from the 90s. The guy was wholly uncooperative and didn't give me any info.

Kids were not with me, so the carseats were unoccupied. My car doesn't have a whole lot of visible damage, but the frame is definitely bent. My lovely CR-V is a good 4-5 inches shorter than it used to me. His car's front-end was completely smashed up and had to be towed away.

I have a Madison Regent and a Decathlon (RFing). The Regent is only 1.5 years old but the DC is 4 yrs old. I don't care for the DC, so I'd be perfectly happy replacing it. But the Regent, well those aren't so easy to come by anymore. And DD loves her Regent and isn't so fond of the GN that my parents have for her.

So am I right in thinking the seats need to be replaced? And if so, please give me suggestions. Since insurance will be paying, I have no need to stick with something inexpensive. ;)


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I don't know a whole heck of a lot about cars but if my frame was bent on the car I would consider that a serious enough accident to warrent new car seats. I was rear-ended once hard enough to crack the inside panels of my Caravan all the way to the driver side door. I replaced all three car seats (9 years ago, their insurance wouldn't cover them :( )


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Thanks. I'm already familiar with NHTSA's guidelines but I was hoping for something more.

For instance, technically my car meets the guidelines of "minor accident" according to NHTSA. But the car that hit me definitely does not since his had to be towed away. My car is driveable, but only because I was rear-ended. The back is smashed up pretty good, though, as in the crumple-zone definitely crumpled. If it was a frontal or side collision, my car would definitely NOT be drivable.

And what do they mean by "injuries"? At the scene, I was not injured. We both got out, walked around, and talked to the police officer. But now that I've been home a few hours, my neck hurts and I have a headache with some dizziness. I'm probably going to go to the hospital just to sure I'm OK. If the doctors say I'm fine, does that mean there was no injury? Or does my probable-whiplash constitute an injury?

ETA - atsuydam, I didn't see your reply when I posted. See, that's kinda what I'm thinking too. The NHTSA's guidelines are too black and white for my tastes.


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I believe when they say the vehicle is able to be driven away, that includes any vehicle involved in the accident. I'm not sure of that though. I was in an accident (hit a deer) that technically did not require replacing my car seats but I replaced them. The insurance didn't argue with me on it at all. As long as your insurance will do it, fine. I'm just afraid if you come up against a company that doesn't automatically do that for you that NHTSA may not back you up.

For replacements, if you can get your hands on a Regent, get one and then switch out the covers before turning in the crashed one. If you can't, maybe get a Frontier? I'm not sure what else you would consider comparable :) For replacing the DC, what about a Marathon? When insurance replaced our seats I "upgraded" from a MA to a Blvd and super duper regretted it later. Really liked the MA. Or if you aren't necessarily brand specific and it would work in your car you could get the Radian.

Good luck!


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But now that I've been home a few hours, my neck hurts and I have a headache with some dizziness.
Sounds like whiplash to me. I'd go to a chiro who specializes in whiplash injuries - they'll document any subluxations to the precise vertebrae.

I have to agree. Sounds like when I had whiplash from a rearending. I felt fine at the time, next day woke up sore as can be.

Also, even though you were able to drive the car, if there is damage to the frame that doesn't sound minor at all to me. I would replace the seats. You should be able to find her another Regent. I have seen posts on here where people have ordered them recently and ever gotten pretty recent DOMs. What are you wanting out of the replacement for the DC? Higher rear facing limit? Higher harness? Etc? I personally would go with a MA because I am very happy with mine, but there are so many great seats out there, you will get better suggestions if we know what you want.


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I would absolutely replace the seats. Given that his car was not driveable, and yours probably wouldn't have been except it was rear end damage, as well as the fact that you're having neck pain, it warrants replacement. You said he was really uncooperative, but did you get an accident report and his insurance info? His insurance should cover replacement of your seats since he was at fault.

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