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MyRide rocks my world, basically. It's soooo yummy in a tight three across. It puzzles so well next to so many seats.. I feel like I should bow to it most days. Even oldest dd has commented on how easy it is to buckle her booster because of the little "cubby spot under here" referring to the narrowness of the MR base in relation to the cupholder.

11 inches.. That's three less inches than a Radian base. You can't beat that. At least in Canada you can't beat that.

It's not stylish, it's not sleek, but I have an appreciation for it. :eek:
What booster is she in? The problem im having is the hbb wings are hitting the sides of seats that sit high up. I haven't tried the Myride yet but want to.


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It was the first seat I ever bought, I'll always have a special place in my heart for it (LOL) I used to love it but the more seats I tried and bought, the less I love it. It did its jobs though, it served as a very easy to install RF seat, fit in a wide variety of vehicles and lasted RF until past 2 1/2, not to mention it fit nicely into my budget. I'm OK with it being a spare in J's aunt's car though, used less than 1x/month. I'm not sure what I'll do with it when it's outgrown in a few months...
It was Dominics first convertible. I look at pictures and am reminded how much I loved it! I don't like any of the current covers.


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I wish Graco still had the old buckle. I'd consider a MyRide if it had one, but add in "crappy buckle" to its features and it falls off the list.

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Well to me, the MyRide is the BEST THING EVER because it's the only thing that will fit in my car with both boosters and actually allow me to buckle them. It's a pain heaving DS into it, and the buckles are horrible, but I'm stuck with it and it's much better than anything else we tried.


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I actually like it more than I thought I would. I have one as a backup seat.

I do feel like I really have to dig for the buckles when I'm getting a kid into it though. So far no problems with my new style buckles sticking.


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I shouldn't jinx myself, but I find the new buckles easy. Everyday I wait for the big stick, lol...but it has yet to happen on either of my 2.

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I think the buckles are hit or miss. I had bought a MR for my friend when she had her baby 3 years ago and hers is awesome. I bought mine 2 months ago and from the first time I put him in it, they have been really hard. Not as bad as the SecureKid. I can't get him out of that thing. I gave it to his dad. :eek:


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I am definitely not a fan. I will recommend it, but I always mention that I'm not crazy about it as a forward facing seat. It is SOOO reclined. I can handle big, it's a pain, but most people aren't moving their seats much. But that recline. The girl I put in one, she was 4, and petite, and she just looked weird the way she had to sit in it b/c of the over recline. I have a picture somewhere of a 3 across with it and the MR completely dwarfs the Sceneras on either side of it.

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Huh, mine is not very reclined at all. It works for DS when he sleeps (no head slump) but it's not super reclined. He was WAY more reclined in his Coccoro FF.


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Re the FF recline - did you know that you can install it with the seat back flush and a gap under the base to have it more upright? So long as you're getting a solid install of course.


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:shrug: I adore my MR. If they still had the old buckles, I would own a second one right now. It's my favorite RF seat... Ever. So snuggly!


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I like the MR rear facing, I think it's super easy to install that way in just about anything and the recline is perfect with almost no effort. I hate the thing forward facing, like green, slimy, evil, vile hate that ****ing thing forward facing. I CANNOT get a rock solid install in ANYTHING I've ever tried it in, my old Pontiac Montana, my MIL's Chevy Uplander, DH's Yukon, my dad's Dodge Ram, and especially bad was my Mazda5, oh and not to mention numerous vehicles we've test driven. When I install it forward facing the it actually sits more reclined than it does rear facing which I don't even think is safe. The only way I would ever tell somebody to buy one is if they just wanted to ERF and then get a combo seat or something.

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