Am I going to hate this carseat?


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So, DF offered to sell me a lot of barely used baby stuff that she purchased to use while visiting her parents. It was a great deal and I completely trusted her that the carseat was safe, so I bought a pack 'n play, swing, high chair, and snugride seat for $60. Great deal! Everything is in excellent shape.

I loaned the Snugride out briefly to a friend and she told me that I will probably not want the seat, that it is going to drive me nuts. It's this one, I think from 3 or 4 years ago. But it doesn't have the bottom adjuster and DF2 says it's going to be super frustrating to adjust.

So for DS due in April/May, should I ditch this seat and buy another infant seat, should I suck it up and use it or should I just skip straight to a convertible anyway? I am not sure how important it will be that I can carry the seat's very hard for me to imagine having just one baby (with the twins I needed the infant seats to get them from place to place.


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You could get a convertible and keep the Snugride in the trunk for if you wanted/needed to carry baby around. That way you'd have a little more leeway with the straps.


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I'd sell the snugride and get a seat that you want. I would hate a rear-adjust seat.

You bought all of that for a total of $60? That's a good deal even without the Snugride. You could probably sell the Snugride on craigslist and make a lot of $60!


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Thanks guys. Yes, it was such a good deal that it is not a HUGE problem if the carseat doesn't work....I just can't imagine they make them without the front-adjust anymore. It seems ridiculous!! And money is tight and we have so much to buy. It's a bummer because I recently saw some very cheap infant seats on clearance at BRU, but I didn't realize about the back adjust at that point. Maybe I can just tolerate long enough to find an excellent deal on a Marathon or something....


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My target still has the SR30 front adjust for $64. If you get that one and sell the one you have when you get it back, you could probably make your money back.


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I could never use a rear adjust. I loosen and tighten the harness after every use.


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I used one with DD and DS before I knew better. I didn't like it, but it was manageable. With that good of a deal, I'd probably keep it as a spare and get a different main seat.


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I prefer front adjust. I dealt with a rear adjust for about six months and fiddling with the straps from behind the seat every trip out of the house got old pretty soon.


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I'm also one of the few who doesn't mind the rear-adjust ;). When I was pregnant I picked the travel system I wanted by the pattern and not because of the features of the carseat, mostly because I didn't know there was a difference. :eek: I managed with the straps and it didn't bother me, but I also didn't know there were 'easier' straps.
If you don't plan on using it for long (my DD was in a convertible by 4mos.) I would just try to deal with it and put the money towards a convertible.:)
ETA: I had the same carseat you linked, just a different pattern.


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I don't think I'd mind a rear adjust infant seat too much. The seat I have that is front adjust I end up grabbing the straps from behind to tighten and loosen anyway, so I don't think it would be too bad. Same thing with the convertibles I have- pull on the straps from behind to tighten and then pull the adjuster.

I had a rear adjust 3 point harness when ds was a baby and didn't find it to be awful. He was snug in his seat every ride. It was an old 20 pound snugride.

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