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Wow - what a lot of good information on this website! I'd appreciate any help/input anyone can give me on my question - we're flying Austrian Airlines next month with our 15-month-old son, and we plan to take his car seat, which is an Alpha Omega 3-in-1 Elite. I'm trying to find out if this car seat will fit in the plane seats - Austrian Airlines' website lists only European model car seats as acceptable. I've called their customer service lines and emailed them, but so far they haven't been able to answer my question - will our car seat fit?

Of course, I'm not expecting anyone to know the Austrian Airlines' seat configurations off the top of your head (although I have been v. impressed at the breadth of knowledge on this site!), but overall, what's your take? Do you think it's safe to assume that an FAA approved car seat should fit in most airplane seats? (One extra bit of info - someone else I know flew on this airline with a Britax Roundabout, which fit in the seat.)

Thanks for any response!


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It won't fit rear-facing. It should fit forward-facing if you take the base off before you go. However, if they are not an American airline and not flying out of the U.S., they are not required to let you use it on board. I'd check with them before finding out there, you don't want to have to check it without a box or anything for it.

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Some international airlines won't allow you to use them. It depends on the country from which you are departing ;). I can't see why it wouldn't fit. Bigger seats fit fine :)


Thanks so much for the quick responses! We're flying out of the U.S. (which is why I was surprised that the airline has no information at all about American car seats.) I've been in contact with the airline many times about this already, and all they say is that they can only guarantee that the seats listed on their website will fit. (Not much of a help, I'm afraid.) But I'm relieved to hear that people have been able to bring this seat on other airlines without the base - I think we'll just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. My fear, though, is what will happen in they refuse to let us take it on once we're there. I can't imagine a 9 hour flight with a very energetic 15-month-old who is free to wriggle out of a regular seat belt. Oy.


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Hopefully this might help:
Long-haul Economy Class
Relaxing on board
With some 80 cm of legroom and a seat width of approx. 44 cm in Economy Class, it's easy to get comfy and enjoy our selection of feature films. And if you feel sleepy, just lean back and close your eyes - your seat reclines to around 120 degrees.
Short and medium-haul Economy Class
Comfort features & seats
With a seat width of approx. 45 cm and 76 cm of legroom, travelling in Economy Class is pleasantly comfortable too. And your seat reclines to around 118 degrees, so you can lean back and relax.

ETA 44 cm is just over 17". It might overhang a little bit onto your seat but it should be fine. Just make sure you don't book into a bulkhead row with fixed armrests and a narrower seating area.


That's very helpful - thanks! We measured the AO at its widest point, which looks to be 18" (when we removed the armrests, with their fashionable bonus slippers.) When I spoke to the Austrian Air customer service rep (here in the U.S.) and asked if a car seat of this width would fit in their plane seats, she said that it was more than just the seat width that determined what kind of car seat would fit - apparently the pitch of the seat also works into the equation in some way. (I'm really not sure how - and I don't think the customer service person knew, either.) I think we're just going to take our AO and act confident, and hope they let us on board. Once we're on, I'm sure we can secure it, even if it overlaps a bit. It's going to be a 9-hour flight, and I dread the thought of our extremely wriggly and sure to be overexcited little guy in an un-harnessed state.

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