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My brother was in an accident this morning. An older couple in a Honda Fit were lost and cut over 2 lanes and flat out stopped in front of my brother to make a left turn. Needless to say he didn't have time to stop. Thankfully for him he drives a tank and didn't have a scratch (no airbags and he rarely wears his seatbelt :thumbsdown:). Thankfully for me he hasn't put E's TrueFit in yet (from me switching the cover from pink to blue), so the Evenflo something or other about to expire seat was in there instead. He was able to drive his truck away, good thing, because they only have one car right now. The Fit had all of the windows blown out and none of the doors would open, the rear quaterpanel was pushed into were a back passenger would have been.

(The older couple went to the hospital, we haven't heard anyting else yet.)



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How scary! I hope everyone ends up okay.

The Honda didn't do too well. How fast were they going?


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Oh wow, that looks awful.

I'm glad your brother is okay, and I hope the couple is, too.


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Pixels said:
I don't see intrusion into the back passenger area. I see intrusion into the cargo area, which is the crumple zone. It's supposed to do that.

I agree. It looks like it actually did very well.


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Yeah, That is why I can not have a small car. I know this car performed well but if your brother was going any faster... I just can not imagine.

I hope the old couple is okay and I am glad your brother is okay along with his car.


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I showed my brother these pics. He drives a Fit. He points out that the truck is lifted on oversize tires, so the bumper is above the legal design standard. The Fit took the impact higher up, not at the level of the strong trunk floor where it's desiged to take the impact.


Ok, but there are a lot of lifted trucks out there. Mine being one of them. There are other vehicles out there higher than mine, and not lifted.


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The legal design standard for bumpers only applies to passenger vehicles (not SUVs, pickups, or minivans). As Judi said, there are lots of vehicles like that out there.


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Right, but my point is that the impact wasn't even at a designed impact point.

The bumper standard applies to all vehicles under a certain weight, including lighter pickup trucks. This truck might have been included. I don't even know what kind of truck it was.


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According to this, it doesn't apply to pickups period:

They're also not designed to protect passengers or even property in crashes higher than 2-5 mph.

The point is that due to the large number of vehicle the standard doesn't apply to, this type of accident isn't uncommon.

The standard doesn't require protection of property or passengers, but the bumper is the designed impact point of the vehicle. Considering that crash testing is done against a flat wall, the bumper is always the point of impact.

Yes, this type of accident isn't uncommon. It's likely that Honda went above and beyond the minimum required design parameters and included this type of scenario in their testing. I know that Honda crash-tested the Fit (their smallest car) vs the Ridgeline (their largest vehicle, a pickup) to ensure that the Fit would hold its own against larger vehicles.

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OMG that makes me want to puke.
It looks so horrible, but I suppose it actually isn't that "bad" if you could picture occupants inside post crash.
My Stepmom has a Fit, and regularly transports passengers in the cargo hatch. I'd like to show her THIS!:rolleyes:

OP, what was the truck?
F250 crew cab?

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