A random text from my mom (about a car seat)


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So my mom sent me a random text today: "Do car seats have an expiration date?" Oh, here we go. lol.

Me: "Yes, car seats absolutely have expiration dates. They are molded into the plastic of the seat somewhere. I've seen videos of a crash test with an expired seat and the thing just rips apart."

Mom: "This one has Dec 2005 by the model number, but can't find the exp date."

Then a bit later, "Found it. 2011."

Me: "The Dec 2005 would probably be the date of manufacture, which is typically on a sticker with the model number, etc. But with an expiration date of 2011, that seat is absolutely not safe. It's not like medicine where those might just lose potency or whatever. The plastic degrades over time and using that seat is too risky."

(I put the part in about the medicine b/c my dad is a pharmacist and obviously drugs have expiration dates, too.)

I didn't hear back from her so 20 minutes later I sent her another one:

Me: "So where did you find this car seat?"

Mom: "In the shed. I will gladly get rid of it but dad will probably put up a fuss if he sees me doing it."

(My dad is a horrible packrat and no doubt would still consider that seat useful.)

Me: "Cut the straps before you do so someone doesn't go dumpster diving and put their child in danger."

Mom: "Ya. Okay."

Then a bit later I remembered that BRU has that trade-in event. I couldn't remember if they take expired car seats or not but I texted mom about that. I think she'll end up just tossing it, though, because the only child in her custody regularly is my 8-year-old nephew and he already has a seat.

So anyway. I just felt the need to post our exchange since although I'm moderately passionate about car seat safety, I don't have a ton of experience with this model in that vehicle or whatever, so on the rare chance that I CAN post something car seat related, I have to jump on it, right? :D


Good work, Andrea! :) Don't you love it when the older generation shows interest in the "rules" for parenting this generation instead of just saying, "well back when YOU were little..."

And FYI, BRU will take expired seats in the trade-in event. It is actually a great way to get rid of expired seats, since they put them directly in a dumpster.


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:yeahthat: That's great you got another seat out of circulation! BRU trade in events run every 6 months and one just ended a few days ago. Since your mom doesn't need the coupon and probably wants the seat gone now she should be fine to cut the harness and write crashed on the shell.


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And FYI, BRU will take expired seats in the trade-in event. It is actually a great way to get rid of expired seats, since they put them directly in a dumpster.

How far expired will they take at BRU because I found one that expire in the early 90's?


BRU does take expired seats- and isn't it nice that your mom asked. I always cringe when someone tells me they have an old seat... Waiting for the blowback when I explain the exp. date and they go off on the "in my day we didn't even have car seats..."


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Just another thought, if you have farm bureau insurance, they have a program where you can get a cosco scenera for $20 or a cosco pronto for $10. They have a limit of 3 of each seat. You can look it up online. That would be a way for her to only spend $10-$20 & get a brand new seat.

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