A how-much-longer and a WWYD?


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This is after he has sat and settled down. MA's top slots are 17 ins so its probably not a good idea to replace this with a Proride wiht 17.5 in top slots?

His shoulder is right at his shirt and the cover slot is lined up to shell slot. His seated torso measures at 16.75ish.

I have a radian as a backup but I am really hoping to get something on a base for my 3-across so DD can stay in a highback booster. I was hoping that the size4me would come to a store near me but I guess i have run out of time there too since its top slots are 17.5 as well?

I could try to find a HB that puzzles better with the sk radian. Maybe a dreamtime?

ETA: This is a VERY tight 3-across in our main car that I need to keep working for at least 2.5 more years.



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My 5yo still hs room in a MR65, but doesn't fit a classic MA. I think it's because her booty sits further back in the MR65.

MyRide65? He had went over the top slots in the MR I put him in at the store. Does it gain room when you install it? I know that more upright seats give kids more room generally.

I have been looking at S4M pics and it seems like one of those seats that kids have more room in than the top slot measurements make it seem like they would. I just wish some carried it that I could return it back if it didn't work out.


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Arly, I have an RA55 and S4M, let me take a peek at the top slots later. I'm almost certain you'd have more room in the S4M.


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I thought the proride was based on the signo/como, which has 19 inch top slots? (It just has that squishiness issue as the child gets taller and wider)


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I thought the proride was based on the signo/como, which has 19 inch top slots? (It just has that squishiness issue as the child gets taller and wider)


The spreadsheet says 17.5ins here but I was thinking that it was taller! I know for sure that a proride will work in my 3-across so if thats true then thats just the way I will have to go. :thumbsup:

I'd go measure the signo g2 but I already passed it on to my niece and I have no idea when I will see them again.


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Not sure how the Complete Air would puzzle but those slots are super tall. My 6 yr old, who grew out of the MA a while ago, is not even on the top click of the CA65 yet.


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Ok, I found these two pics.

This is the Signo G2 (which does not fit in my 3-across because of the latch bars that the proride does not have)


This is how the MA65/RA50 was fitting at the time.


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The PR has taller top slots than the ProSport, and my kid who outgrew the Marathon FF at 3 fit in the PS until 6.


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The PR has taller top slots than the ProSport, and my kid who outgrew the Marathon FF at 3 fit in the PS until 6.

Thanks! I just ordered one so I guess we will see when it gets here!

ETA: End of the month I will be near a BBB so I am going to try to check out the S4M then. If I am not sure about the Proride when it gets here I will just leave it all wrapped up until I can see the S4M. Hopefully DS2 will not do anymore growing between now and then.
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I tried alot of different setups with the radian in my car today and the only two boosters I can get in with it were literiders. We took a short ride around the block and DS1 was slumping down and DD was leaning against the radian which put the shoulder belt off her arm. *sigh* I wonder if a dreamtime would puzzle better with the radian than the parkway or turbo but that still leaves me with what what to put DS1 in with more leg support. Hmmm...


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Dreamtime, sk radian, cruz

I ran and picked a dreamtime up from walmart just to see. Even though the numbers are the same for the dreamtime and turbo it fits like a glove next to the sk radian and gave me just enough room on the other side to squeeze a cruz. With an inch to grow in the radian I am going to see if DS has anymore room to grow in a proride. If he doesn't then I will stick with this setup. The dreamtime is so much easier to buckle than the turbo ever was.


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