A day of carseat shopping: Coccoro


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I was too embarassed to take pictures in the store or while installing :confused: ... I'm not generally one to care but it was just ackward today. Etta was having an especially "floppy" day and I wasn't prepared for the stares while I worked with her and the seats. ("floppy" = low tone and very slouchy)

I've been on the search for a shorter RF seat. I have MAs to date and while I love them I can't see well enough to the right side of my car. I've been in a side impact crash in the past and am so jumpy about having blocked vision.. also, we are a very bicycle friendly town and I NEED to make sure I can see the cyclists (I live off of a very popular riding street) with extreme ease.

So, I saw the Coccoro in person and LOVE it... I was so hoping to hate it as I know it will not be the seat to take me to the optimal limits - but it's so perfect for today and at least another year RF. And, I'll always have the MA when it's time to move up (and, it will be easier in a year to have the girls crawl into their MA ERF... so I can move the seats to the back row of the van and avoid the whole blocked vision issue then) but the cost :eek: for an interim carseat. Oh why does it have to be such a great seat :rolleyes:.

It feels so nice and sleek and cushy without going overboard (I wasn't using the infant insert) and the harness adjuster was very easy with my DD in it. Easier than the MA. But, hands down - the MA is much simplier to install. Not that the Coccoro was challenging, it just wasn't as straight forward as a MA.

My low-tone/hypermobile DD, Etta, fit like a gem in it - I didn't realize she could be supported so well. The MA is nice but she ends up slouching a lot. The support she has in the Coccoro is enough for me to justify buying HER the seat... but not her twin sister. My only excuse to buy two is that I want them to coordinate :rolleyes:

I also tried the Scenera. It did take up less height than the MA. But my heart is completely with the Coccoro and I'm having a hard time looking back. Even switching to a RA seems silly because I'm sure Etta will have the same slouching issue. I still want to try the TF and an Avenue and am calling to find a local store for tomorrows adventure. I played with a MR and wasn't as impressed as I had hoped to be (it was a contender for my older DD).

For fit: Etta is 20lbs even, and 29.75". Her torso appears to be near 12" (slightly under). In a MA she is flush with the first slot and in the Coccoro she was flush with the second slot from the bottom.


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I have not seen that seat irl. But how about the Diplomat? The TSIP wings are more suppotive. I have a MA and Blvd and I think the BV offers alot more support.


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Thanks for the reply! Hmm, do you find the support at the head or the trunk or both? I will definitely add the seat to my rounds tomorrow :)

Etta tends to "round" her body. Meaning her chest curves toward her thighs and her shoulders tend to round inwards too OR she will push her bottom towards the edge of the seat and sink downward into the seat. She does not achieve the ability to actually be misplaced in the seat because the harness is tightened but you can see her body relying heavily on the straps to maintain her posture...hopefully I explained that well. We didn't notice this in her infant bucket seat (Britax Companion) and I think it was because of the inner shape which the Coccoro models well.

I tried an experiment just now... I removed the ouboard MA and was able to see through the passenger window very well (at least at the blind spot) and noticed I didn't have to strain too much to see around the MA installed in the middle seat. Depending on how tomorrows car seat browsing goes... I think I could get away with buying one Coccoro for the outboard seat and leave the other MA alone.


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I LOVE the look and feel of the Cocorro, but can't justify it at the price point for the amount of use I'd get out of it. So I feel your pain!


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Just FYI, babycatalog has the coccoro for 169:whistle: and they are a sponser here:D And I think every once in a while a coupon is posted. HTH

Thank you! I will check it out - I would love to help a company that sponsors this site! I was trying to work out a deal with purchasing two :eek: with babies r us and the twin discount... but it seems cumbersome and just doesn't feel right when I can get a comperable deal with a car-seat sponsor!

I'm really trying to talk myself into only buying ONE...


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Back on the Rack in Hillsboro, OR. They only had Cherry Pie and a color swatch card... it's a 45 minute drive. I wish I knew then that I really really wanted to order two so that I could have made a more detailed decision about color(s).

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