Question 5-Steps or needs RightGuard??


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DD is newly 12yo, 58" tall, and approx 90lbs.

She doesn't want to move out of her Recaro Performance Booster, but we need to pass it down to DS, plus she has about maxed out the height on the booster.

She easily 5-steps in the 3rd row of SUVs and most vans. The last time we checked, she clearly did NOT 5-step in the 2nd row of SUVs or vans. Now it looks more iffy.

So, I have some pics. Does she 5-step now?



Here she is with the RightGuard booster.

Which is better?

We have no problem keeping her in a booster. Spending the $40 for the Rightguard is not an issue for us, so if she needs it, please tell us.
DD actually prefers the fit with the Rightguard, but she hasn't ever been without a booster either, so take her preference with a grain of salt.

TIA for your help!


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Thanks for the insight aporthole!

DD doesn't like the shoulder belt on her neck or that her head isn't on the headrest right. The RightGuard fixes those things. It boosts her up just enough that her head hits the center of the headrest and the shoulderbelt comes across the middle of her shoulder.

However, afaik, neither of those things are safety issues.

It also brings the lapbelt down slightly, but the fit didn't look bad without it either and I'm not sure I love the leg placement with it.

Sounds like I'll be telling DD that she 5-steps in this car!


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What about our other car?

Does she 5-step here? (We last checked about 6-8 months ago and she did not)

Since we're passing down boosters, which is DS's best fit?
Clek Olli

Chicco GoFit Plus
(This one does have a shoulder belt guide, that is not in use for the pic. IDK how much it would change the fit)


DS wants the Chicco and does not want DD's hand-me-down Olli, but I don't think the Chicco is the best fit. He's not a big fan of the RightGuard either because it's not a cushy throne. He's coming out of a Frontier, which he called his throne, and he's not excited about non-cushy seats.


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Here is our current plan - Please let me know if it needs adjusted.

2014 Forester -
DS-Chicco GoFitPlus (I didn't post a picture bc it is textbook perfect fit)
DD-RightGuide (I told her that she 5-steps and she doesn't need it, but she said that the belt is too uncomfortable on her neck without it and that her head hits the headrest wrong, so she wants to use it - is there a problem with that? It feels weird to have a 12yo who WANTS a booster, but I don't want to fight her on it unless it's a safety issue to keep her in the booster.)

2017 WRX -
DS-Clek Olli
DD-RightGuide (We may take back the Incognito from Grandma b/c DD 5-steps in the 3rd row of Grandma's van and has for months, but for now, we're moving her seat between the 2 cars)

We decided to toss the Recaro Performance Booster b/c it has only 6 months until it expires anyway and DS likes the Chicco better. We may keep it briefly in the WRX for DS so DD can stay in the Olli until we get to Grandma's to claim the Incognito.


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I don't know which car this is, but I think she's this close >< to not needing a booster. The RightGuide should work here, but I agree with aporthole that she's fine in the first vehicle without one. Just remind her to pull her shirt up to keep the seat belt from rubbing her neck.

For DS, the Olli is my least favorite fit, but they're all OK.


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All of the proposed options would work. The belt fit looks good on DS in all of them so I’d just let him have the ones he likes best for each car.

We have a lot of the same boosters as you (Olli, GoFit Plus, Incognito). I want to get a RightGuide to use for when we have extra kids along with us (typically at least once per week).

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