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We are looking for the next seat for my 2.5yr daughter, who is currently in a Graco Comfort Sport. She is FF and weighs 30lbs but we need her seat for her baby sister...
We have a Honda Civic 99, thus no LATCH system...
What is the best choice safety wise for our car? I can't find detailed crash ratings for seatbelt use.
We are choosing between the Britax Marathon, Safety 1st APEX 65 and the Radian Convertible. Are there any differences in features that would sway us either way? i.e. outgrowing it, I've heard the slots for the 5 point harness are at different heights depending on the seat...

Any help/advice would be appreciated!
Also, how long is it safe to have them rear facing? right to the top end of the weight limit regardless of height?



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Those are great choices in seats! I started off with a Comfortsport and had to get a new seat when my DS was just over 2 because he was over the top harness slot. I chose a Marathon (MA) simply because the Radian was not available in Canada yet. The MA top slots are 17" where the Radian is 18". I find the MA very easy to install in any vehicle I have tried it in and get rock solid installs in my Honda Accord.

The Radian can be found at Canadian Tire, but it does sometimes have install issues so you would want to try it out first. You could always try your DD in both the MA and radian and see how she fits in them and which one she prefers. Some kids find they like one over the other. I like the fact that the MA sits up higher then the radian because my DS get carsick, so I need him up high so that he can see.

I really don't have much experience with the Apex, but it is a big seat and if you are going to spend that much money on a seat, I would be more inclined to lean towards the Radian (if it works) with only a $20 difference. You also must have headrests in your vehicle to use with the Apex.

As far as safety wise, all carseats have to pass the same tests so they are equally as safe. Some seats have added "safety" features along with bonus' and benefits.

Since you have a younger baby to pass the seat down too, you really could go with eaither the MA or the Radian now and when they are outgrown pass them down to the baby. By this time we may have better seat available in Canada.
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Here is another thread that talks about the Radian; Here Arly talks about how the Radian is hard to install in her '03 CRV. Here in Canada we don't have the option of the Regent so I would try your DD in the Apex and MA. Remember the best seat is one that can be properly installed in your vehicle, properly fits your child and will be used correctly everytime :)



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I think an issue with the Apex is the need for a tall headrest behind the seat, not sure if your Civic has some in the back seat.


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I think an issue with the Apex is the need for a tall headrest behind the seat, not sure if your Civic has some in the back seat.

I was just going to mention the issue with the seatback/headrest issue with the Apex. And installation by seatbelt for a ff Radian might be the other issue. Your best bet would probably narrow down to the Marathon (which is a great choice, especially when you can pass it down to make the 'investment' worth your while).

If you can try them all in the car, do so and see how easy/hard installation is and go from there.


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I think an issue with the Apex is the need for a tall headrest behind the seat, not sure if your Civic has some in the back seat.

Thanks for pointing that out! I know that and must have forgot to mention it, thinking that CRV's did have headrests but now that I think about it maybe the older ones don't.

I edited my previous post to include the info about the headrests.

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