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We might be flying on a plane in February. Our current main seats (in signature) are too heavy/expensive to drag across the country. What's the best bet for seats in a rental? And how do we get 4 seats (plus kids, etc.) through the airport without growing extra hands?

My thinking...

Infant: probably still fine in Chaperone w/o base

2-year-old: can RF in our Scenera but he's 30 lbs. now. Would possibly have to buy the 40RF version. Do I need a pool noodle for him?

4-year-old: is a RF kid but would likely have to FF in our other Scenera (or the Maestro we have if she outgrows Scenera).

5-year-old: Hmm? Not sure ANY harness would work practically, and he won't be a booster kid yet, and I prefer not to booster him for the trip on unfamiliar roads in a rental, where he'll be too excited to sit still anyway. He is 45/46 lbs. now so the Maestro MIGHT work or might not, and I'd have to buy a whole new one if my daughter needs the other one. (I do have a spare Vivo and Cybex X-fix).

Each kid will have a seat on the plane (as I'm unaware of any safe alternative for baby besides an actual seat). Who can be in car seats on the plane?
Am I overlooking anything? The issue is a combination of what can we possibly carry, but still safely use. I'd drag my Radians if I too were made of steel, but I'm not that strong!


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Here's what I'd do.

If you have Radians I'd use those (wait, I'm not ignoring what you said). Fold them and bungee them both onto one luggage cart. No lifting. The baby is in the Chaperone in a stroller, the Radians are being lugged. For the five year old I'd get a Ride Safer Travel Vest and use that in the rental car, and nothing on the plane. The RSTVs don't expire (at least the old versions didn't), so keeping it for future kids means it'll be a GREAT bargain for you.



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If you take a Scenera and want to take a noodle, I find that our noodle travels very well threaded on a ribbon through the RF belt path. It stows right there behind the front/forward part of the base. I put it on the luggage cart that way, install it FF that way (the noodle hasn't affected the install in any vehicle or plane), and it's right there to pull out/untie if you need to use it.


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Can you also get someone to help you get to and from the gate? (or 2 or 3 someones...) I know it is possible for someone to get a special pass to go through security to help you to the gate and to meet you at the gate at your destination.

For us, getting through security when we get to the airport is the hardest part of getting through the airport. I've only done it with my DH and our twins. Actually just going through security by myself is a bit crazy...



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Will there be two adults flying? If so, you'll be fine. If you're alone, that might take some organization...

I second Wendy's suggestions. You could put both folded Radians on the luggage cart or open one and put the other folded on top, if that's more stable.

For the record, I've had a 5 year old pull one Radian with backpacks in it through the airport. Be sure to have a good cart, not a "Travelmate" or anything with a plastic base. Make sure it has a metal base. I like a telescoping handle too but that's a convenience feature, not a deal-breaker.

There are also gizmos to carry a car seat on your back, which you might consider if you're the only parent on this flight.

You also want a good quality baby carrier. Don't use a Bjorn or other front pack. Get something comfortable that you can use for either of the two youngest children. They do pick the worst times to get clingy and have tantrums in airports! Popping them in a baby carrier is the best way to calm them down and keep going!

This is one time you're going to swallow any baggage fees. Only take on board what you and your children need for the flight. The rest goes in the belly of the plane. They wont be small forever and then you can save money by dragging it all on board like the rest of the passengers these days :rolleyes: You also wont have to take car seats (or bring fewer).

A pp talked about a gate pass at the airport. It can't hurt to ask! Of course, alone with three children, I've never been given one but oh well. I managed anyway. In any case, have someone park and come in with you during check-in. I find even just that is helpful.


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  • Slip on (or velcro shoes) for everyone
  • No belts
  • Put your phone, keys, wallet - all "pocket stuff" in a fanny pack that you can quickly clip off/clip on or sling over your shoulder.
  • Pack snacks and activities for kids in a couple of back packs that the older ones can carry.
  • If you have 2 adults, have one adult go through security 1st to catch/coax/pass the kids as they come through.
  • SPACE BAGS! :love::love: Lets you pack more, clear so you and security can see what's inside. My mom used to pack outfits for everyone for each day and put them all in one bag. We road tripped, but it saved carrying lots of luggage into a motel for an overnight stay. She'd pull out one bag and have everything we needed for the night. She would have loved space bags.
I always try to carry on at least a partial change of clothes, if not a whole outfit. . .lost luggage can take a day or two to find you.

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