Question 3y9m -- should we forward face?

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My daughter rides RF in a Britax Marathon car seat when she is with her grandparents (this seat is the only one that they can reliably install and use, so a different convertible probably isn't in the cards).

My in-laws are concerned because they are having a difficult/impossible time getting her buckled into the seat when she is wearing her coat. Her coat is "car seat safe" (Snozu) and so I let them use it with her even though I personally just take it off and put it on over her after she's buckled. They are uncomfortable "undresssing" her in the parking lot and say that if she were forward-facing then her legs wouldn't be all bunched up and it would be easier to buckle her.

Thoughts? It is very cold here, so I understand their discomfort with "undressing" her.....

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I had a similar issue with my step mother in law. She picks her up from preschool once a week using a Roundabout G4. She wants to turn her so her legs aren't so cramped. She asked in an email. My daughter will be 4 in January. Here was my reply:

B is rearfacing in all of our vehicles and we prefer her to stay that way until age 4.

If your concern is legroom I can give you a different seat with more legroom. But it would have to stay installed in the car, since it is more difficult to install.

Here's the info. I why we want to rearface until 4 if you are interested:


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My youngest is about that age and is rear facing in a Boulevard so I understand what they're dealing with. It has gotten difficult this year with her long legs and fumbling around her jacket (just a Columbia fleece but still). The thing that I've found to be most helpful is making sure her butt is in the very bad of the seat AND having her put her legs up on the vehicle seat back. I do let my daughter sit forward facing in my in laws vehicle and for daycare transportation but she still spends the most time in my vehicle and especially in winter with poor roads, I want her as safe as possible.

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I would be inclined to allow her to FF in their vehicle. To make pickup easier on all of them. But I understand why you want to wait.

Would they be open to another seat that remains RF?

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I would just let them ff her. My moms picks up my son (who is 2.5) 1 time a week and has started expressing concern due to his legs being bunched up, I told her that he doesn't care. She commented that it's a pain to buckle him in. I'm going to put a scenera next in her car for now, and as soon as he turns 3 (in may) she can ff him. It's such a personal decision tho, I'm ok with him ff in other people's cars starting at 3, and then at 4 he will turn in my car.

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I would let them FF her in their car. I'd be worried that if they are struggling with getting her buckled in, they may end up not doing it properly.


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I would want to wait, personally, until she's 4. Mainly because the weather is crappy and there's probably a higher risk of being in an accident. When that passes, she'll be 4 and I'd feel much better about it.

I guess G is the same age as Griffin. Who, I might ad, is forward facing and has been since summer. Last ride with me he forward faced too. I think it was like that since I tried to see if it would work and I was happy that it was already installed because it the temp is hovering in the negative digits with wind chill. And I forgot to tighten his harness. When his mom got him out of the car when we arrived at her house she took great pleasure in chastising me. Lol. I don't know what happened. My only excuse is the crotch buckle in the Fllo was so tight I must have though it was tight.

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Just wanted to update. In subsequent conversations with my in-laws it sounded like the issue to them was her leg room rather than the coat issue. I showed them the fleece I use in the car and they said it was more about her legs being cramped and the fact that she was uncomfortable and crying.

My MIL asked me to check the fit on her and so I took her out to the car yesterday to check it.

Not a single complaint. I even asked her if she was comfy and she said yes.

I did take off the harness strap pads, though, since they are just pointless when there is a fleece under the harness. And I let my MIL know that if they continue to experience difficulties we can try them with our E2F.

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