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My son took the 3 Point rear center belt and stuck it into the opening in the roof (the one where the seat belt comes out). Now it is stuck and I can't get it out anymore without breaking all the plastic around. And I can't use the seatbelt anymore.....any suggestions? Thank you!


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Use a side seat or a captain's chair? It would help to know what kids and carseats you have in the Sedona.



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I know this is a very old thread, but I recently had this issue with my own 2006 Kia Sedona, and there is no info online anywhere about how to fix it. I fixed it myself, safely, and it was a relatively easy fix once i figured out what I needed to do - and no dealership visit with 3 small kids in tow!

The plastic cover surrounding the seat belt where it comes out of the ceiling has one screw in it that you need to remove to pull the plastic piece out. After removing the screw, pull out the plastic (it has some tabs that help lock it in, so pull firmly) and it will come out along with the stuck latch plate. The latch plate (seat belt piece) is stuck on a plastic tab that is just thick enough to prevent the latch plate from being pulled out. You just have to push the plastic tab down and the seatbelt falls right out. Put the plastic cover piece back up, push in the tabs, replace the screw, and ta-da! Your seat belt works just fine again. Ours had been stuck for 2 years before I finally got it loose, and now I can put three kids back there. :)


Thank you so much for your solution to this problem. I just unstuck my middle seatbelt in the back seat of my KIA Sedona 2014. It was a very easy fix. I went to the dealership earlier today. They told me it would be around $10 for a new plastic piece in the ceiling, and $139 for a new seatbelt, with an additional cost for labor. This was their solution to the problem.
I'm very happy and excited that I found this solution, it saved me some headache and money. Now our family of seven can all be buckled on our up coming road trip. Thank you very much.


Megan, thank you for your post. On Saturday, Sep 29, I had purchased a used 2006 Kia Sedona after an inspection and a test drive but I neglected to test the 3-point third row middle seat safety belt. I mean, who tests the safety belts for a new or used car in the second or third row unless your are in the driver's seat or in the front passenger seat? Anyway, here is what I did to fix my stuck 3-point safety belt: a shot of WD-40 oil on the black screw to loosen the tight screw (with some paper towel underneath to protect the safety belt), a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw, a flathead screwdriver to push up the metal latch. I found it much easier to push up the latch than to push down the plastic tab. I had to pull hard on the seat belt with my left hand and push with the screwdriver at the same time so two people could unstuck the seatbelt much easier than one person. After I pulled the latch free, I took a pair of kitchen shears and I trimmed the plastic tab so the latch could not be stuck again. I testedthe latch and and the latch could not get stuck because I had trimmed the plastic tab. I saved time and money by not going to a Kia dealership. Now, I am able to drive families with six people because I had unstuck the 3-point seat belt. I emailed the dealership to tell them that the previous owner (woman) of the minivan neglected to tell them of the stuck seatbelt.

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