3 carseats in 2005 Uplander


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Hi, I have recently bought a 2005 Uplander. I have two sons (almost 5 and 2.5 yrs) who are both in FF Britax Boulevards, and I have a Graco Snugride for our baby due in Nov/Dec.
Seating options are: two middle buckets and a rear 50/50 split bench.

There are no built in carseats on ours. From what I read on here, the two Boulevards can be installed on the middle buckets and the infant base can go belted in the middle of the rear bench.

I have not personally looked at the options for the carseats in my van because I get frustrate installing them, so my boyfriend gets them put in good. What are any suggestions for how the seats should go? (My idea of putting the infant base on a middle bucket and putting the two Boulevards in the back bench would not work for whatever reason, he said something about the headrests??? To me it made sense to have an available bucket next to the baby to have an adult to assist all 3 kids).

So he put the infant base in the back and the other 2 on the buckets. I this arrangement best? I have read alot of problems with installation in the Uplander but not experienced them myself (i.e., headrest in the way, not enough LATCH or tether locations inside???) so I don't know how we should go about this and everyone be safe and content. Any suggestions?

Also, when the baby is at weight/age for a RF bigger seat I want to get the same, Britax Boulevard for him/her....what would I do then? And when I can have 3 FF Boulevards??
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Is your 2.5 year old rear facing or forward?

I'd reverse what you have. Put the two older kids in the third row outboard and the baby in a captain's chair. That way the older kids can climb back on their own and there's a space to sit next to the baby. I'd probably put the 2.5 year old directly behind the baby so that way the five year old can see the baby and let you know what's going on.



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I agree with Wendy, It will be a pain in the rear to get the infant bucket all the way in the back everytime. I would think there HAS to be a way for the headrests to come off in that third row... or maybe he could try reclining the seats in the 3rd row a little bit to see if that helps with installation. My aunt has an '05 Uplander, but I won't see her until Saturday, so hopefully someone else can help you find a solution!


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My sis has an uplander. I have had no problems using our bv in 2nd and 3rd row.
I would put baby in 2nd row behind driver and take out the other captain. Then put 2 older in 3rd row.

Also, I would not buy another bv. When baby outgrows infant seat hand oldest carseat down to baby and buy him a forward facing only seat- Nautilus, Frontier. He doesn't need a convertible since he is no longer rf.


I have 3 DC, the oldest two go in the third row and the baby in one captain chair. I love this seating arrangement. I climb in and sit in the empty captain chair, from there I can buckle everyone in, all children are contained while I'm dealing with the baby, loading things in, and then I get out and climb in the driver's seat. :thumbsup: If DH is driving then I might continue to sit there to deal with various children's needs.

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