Question 3 across in Volvo XC70 (2005)



I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child and trying to figure out how I will be able to fit 3 car seats in my vehicle. I drive a 2005 Volvo XC70, which according to what I found online has a rear hiproom of 54.8".
I have a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old who currently sit forward facing in britax marathon clicktight car seats.
I also own a Graco Snugride Click connect 30 LX infant car seat for the baby.
Would these work in the car I have? If not, what are your recommendations for which carseat(s) I should buy.
Thank you!


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Hi there. Congrats!!

Have you tried your seats? They're all decently to very narrow. Try them out in all different configurations. Two forward facers on one side, then the other, with baby on the third. Or baby in the middle. Try the Snugride baseless. Maybe the two year old gets turned rear facing if small enough, as that can help change fit. Just see what works.

Since you own all of them, though, and the car, give them all a try. If they don't work, let us know, and we'll be happy to help with recommendations within your budget. Let us know how tall and heavy your kids are, though, so we can recommend seats we know will work for them.




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I had an XC70 when my daughter was born 5.5 years ago. I miss my Volvo!!!

I did 3 across in it. My kids were 8, 5, & newborn. I used a backless booster with my then 8 year old (probably a Harmony Literider), the Evenflo Secure Kid with my 5 year old (harnessed), and a Combi Cocorro convertible seat for my newborn.

I def could have fit a harnessed seat instead of the booster, such as another Evenflo Secure Kid.

I have to find the names of the seats I think might work....



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A seat with a lower profile, such as a harness to booster seat (combo) will likely fit better in a 3 across in the XC70, esp in the center between the other two.

I'd try out putting your 4.5 year old in the center in a combo seat, harnessed. Look at the narrower Evenflo, Graco Transitions, and Chicco. The Cosco Finale is nice & narrow and cheap, but a lot of bigger kids won't fit in it well. And it has some questionable reviews on the harness safety in bigger kids. My daughter uses it in her grandmother's car bc it allows my other 2 kids to sit 3 across with her in Mimi's tiny car.
My daughter is 44 inches tall & 38.5 lbs. She still fits in the top harness slot, but I will have to switch her to a different seat, a booster, when she hits 40 lbs bc I am not comfortable with her using the harness in it past 40 lbs.



Thanks for all your suggestions. I tried the car seats that I have with 2 forward facing britax marathons next to each other and the infant seat at the other end. The problem was that the round part on the side (that holds and rotates the handle of the car seat) was interfering with the side of the britax marathon and the 2 didn’t fit securely next to each other. I am wondering if replacing the middle britax marathon with a diono radian will solve the problem. Is the armrest part of the diono radian narrower than the britax marathon?

My 4 year old is 37 lbs.
switching my 2.5 year old to rear facing is not an option at this point.

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