3 across in ford f150 lariat??


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We are about to have our third child and I need recommendations on the best way to set up 3 across in our vehicle. We have a 4 door ford lariat. My kids are currently in sunshine kids raidian 80 and a graco turbo booster and the newborn will be in a chicco keyfit 30. My 6 yr old is very tall and closely approaching 80lbs and his buckle Is getting to tight in the radian so he will be transitioning into a graco high back turbo booster and I'm not sure the best position for this seat since we have to buckle it everytime. Not to thrilled about him not being 5 point harnessed any more but not many harness at 80 lbs and up.


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You may want a different booster as if he is tall and 80 lbs at 6 he might not have too much growing room left in the turbo booster.
What is the age and stats of the other child who is currently in a turbo booster?

I would maybe get something new for the presumably older child and give the 6 year old the TB for a while, or choose something like a britax parkway for the 6 year old.

A britax frontier 90 would harness him at least a little longer but might be too wide for your 3-across anyways. Plus that's kind of a lot to spend on just a short time of harnessing.


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We have a Ford f 150, 2006ish model. I've installed a variety of seats 3 across many times without much trouble. My only suggestion would be to put the boosters in the center and outboard seat where the buckles are together. So that you can move a booster out a bit, buckle both boosters and slide the outboard one back into place. You also don't have to worry about the booster rider accidentally unbuckling the baby's seat if you install with the seatbelt. I would also consider a taller booster as mentioned by another poster.


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Upgrading for a heavier child under age 9, like your 80lbs 6yr old you could buy a Cosco TopSide backless booster or Graco Connext backless booster, both of which you can buy on Amazon. You could also buy a large-XL Ride Safer Travel Vest (RSTV) for on-the-go which realigns the shoulder belt correctly for a child who may be too big for a booster or not always be in one. If you want a high back for the child maybe a Diono Cambria or Britax Parkway (high back to backless) SG (SGL version has LATCH and a SecureClip for slipping over the lap belt like a crotch strap, prevents slouching). Graco seats aren't known for high weight capacities, I think their marketing of "100lbs" is too much of a stretch.


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The truck will give you little trouble with three across, as it is very wide. I agree with the suggestion for a taller booster or possibly a larger harnessed seat. Is your six year old wiggly? My dd was harnessed until 6.5, but at a young 6, was completely unreliable in a booster. She changed quickly in that department, but some kids aren't ready for a booster at six, so consider that before changing. If you do end up with two boosters, putting them on the passenger side & in the middle will put their buckles together. Your oldest may be able to assist your middle child, or you can decide which of those positions is easiest for you to negotiate. If you choose another harnessed seat, I'd put your oldest on the driver's side so he doesn't accidentally unbuckle one of the other seats, your middle in the middle, and baby on the passenger side for easier loading and unloading.

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