3 across back row Sienna 06


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I need to get 3 seats across the back of my 06 Sienna.
Either 3 boosters (currently using 2 graco tbb - 1 high-back, 1 no-back)
Or, 2 boosters and one ff Complete Air

Middle row (captains chairs) will either be 1 graco bucket seat and 1 complete air rf, or 1 graco bucket and one older kid in no booster (with potential to put booster in this position for carpool).

Kids are:
12yo - can ride in all positions without booster, except middle back row.
10 yo - can ride in captain's chair without booster, but not in back row without booster. Is about to outgrow booster by weight.
7 yo - rides in high-back booster
2 yo - rides in Complete Air rf in captain's chair.
Awaiting birth of new baby any day now!

Also need to be able to take other kids in boosters for carpool - the more space I can make for boosters the more chance I have of finding a carpool for my crazy schedule!

Due to special needs, it's better not to put my 3 oldest across the back row.

Should I turn my 2yo ff to put her in the back and leave a captain's chair free?

What do you think will work best and be most flexible?


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Due to special needs, it's better not to put my 3 oldest across the back row.

Well, if you can't do that, you will have to stick the 2yo back there, right? And since none of the big kids can ride in the middle (I'm assuming a lap belt), 2yo will have to ride in the middle.

I would not FF a 2yo. I would make two of the bigs sit outboard in the back, and have 2yo RF in the middle. OR the 2yo RF outboard, if two of your other bigs can sit next to each other (and one of them can sit safely in the middle seat.) Other big kid and baby in the captains chairs.

How are you carpooling if your van is already full?


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I won't often have all 3 big kids riding together, so 3 oldest across the back won't come up so often. And, if necessary, I can sit in the middle-back. But, that still leaves the issue of my 10yo outgrowing his booster by weight before he fits in the back row heightwise without.
The kids are in different schools on different schedules, which is why I'm looking for carpool options, the most likely of which is for my 7yo, hence the need for boosters.
The Complete Air won't fit rf in the back row, as far as I can tell.

Does anyone know of boosters we can get here that are narrower in the back than the graco turboboosters. I can't get those to fit between the buckle stalks in the middle seat.


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If you're willing to go backless the Harmony literider/youth booster is narrower than a turbo and a different shape as well. That may work.


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A rf MyRide 65 in the 3rd row middle, with a Harmony backless booster beside should work. The base of the MyRide is extremely narrow, in spite of the sides being extremely wide. It's kind of awesome that way.

2nd row: highback booster and infant car seat.
3rd row: 12yo, 2yo rf in MyRide, 10yo in Harmony.

I *think* that covers everyone... right? :eek:

Maybe grab a second Harmony to use in the 3rd row for car pooling situations. :)


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The booster (whichever), myride, literider should work. If you ever do want to do 3 boosters across the back, you cannot fit two literiders middle and driver's side. They're too wide. A cosco top side may work on the driver's side with a literider middle, though. It has a funky routing of the seatbelt, but you've got a shoulder belt adjuster on the driver's side, which should help with that. (I can get a literider middle and a nania high ride on the driver's side.) Due to the stiff stalks on the passenger's side, you get a big, wide seat there and the center seat cannot encroach on that space. You could fit anything there.


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I already have the Complete Air and a Nautilus so I just can't justify buying another harnessed seat - not in the budget.
The Harmony lightrider sounds like a good idea - will it fit between two graco turboboosters? And what weight is it rated to?
We can't do anything rf in the back row. DH is really tall, and needs the driver's seat pushed all the way back, which means that the driver's side captain's chair needs to be pushed all the way back to accommodate a rf car seat. I am too small to reach to put the infant bucket into the passenger side captain's chair, so behind the driver's seat is the best spot for it (and then we put the smallest kid in the back row behind the rf seat, as everyone else complains there's not enough legroom).
Before I started to think about carpool logistics, I had assumed that my 10yo would be tall enough to sit in the back row without a booster, and I was just going to have the two youngest in the middle row and the 3 older in the back row. Now that I either need a higher-weight booster for him, or a seating position that doesn't require a booster (ie captain's chair) it all became more complicated.
So, is the general consensus that we need to keep the 2yo rf at all costs?
And what boosters are available in Canada that accommodate a husky kid who is nearing 100lbs?


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I don't know about the topside. Sorry, didn't notice I was in the canadian area. The literider goes to 110 pounds. The literider will not fit between two turbos. The literider is 17 inches wide and the turbos 16.5 inches. The 3rd row is 46 inches wide, but the middle seat is 11 or 12 inches (the literider fits well because it has a contoured bottom.) The passenger's side seat is around 20 inches.


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The harmony only goes to 100 pounds. How close to 100 is the 10 year old? I think you will have trouble finding narrow and 100+ in the same booster, backless anyway.


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So, are there any booster seats (or combinations of boosters) available in Canada that will fit 3-across in my back row?
And does anyone actually know if the Complete Air (I have the 2012-compliant version) will fit in the back row, middle seat, ff with a booster either side?

I can't climb in and try things right now (way too pregnant) but need to figure this out so I can work on carpools before it's too late to get a slot.


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So does the middle in the back row have a lap/shoulder belt than? What about the evenflo amp seats they are fairly narrow. Why can't the complete air RF in the back row? The parkway is also not a bad seat I've had it in three across in the back of my chevy venture and honda odyssey.


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Yes - lap-shoulder belt in the middle of the back row - comes from the ceiling, so even I find it kind-of high (but I'm only 5'1" - my 12yo is the same height as I am).
I explained in a previous post about having to put middle seats all the way back so dh can drive, and it won't fit rf (I did try that before I installed the CA, because I wanted to see if it would work, but it started to snow, so I didn't try a proper ff installation in that position).


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I have no experience with the CA so I didn't understand it would touch both captians chairs if RF. What if you put the CA RF in the very back passenger side, try a parkway, evenflo amp these are both hbb next to it and then see if a backless fits next to that. than baby seat behind driver and another booster or the nautilas in booster mode in the seat behind the passenger.


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If you put a booster in the middle, it must have a contoured bottom to fit within 11-12 inches. Most boosters don't fit. The only ones that do are the literider and the vivo. Boosters just don't fit easily on the 60 part of the third row bench.

A turbo on driver's side with radian middle barely fits, but it's nearly impossible to buckle. Same with the literider in that spot. The best bets for harnessed seats are the ones with thin bases that lift up- like the true fit, myride, or classic britax.

I have my middle captain's chairs pushed all the way back and I've fit the evenflo tribute rfing back there. I also have no problems fitting rfing radians in the back row- esp with the angle adjuster.


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Looks like I'm going to be very limited in carpooling, then. I'll just have to live with that. It's more important for me that the kids in the back row can buckle their boosters correctly and independently.
Let's hope my 10yo grows in height before he outgrows the turbobooster in weight or width! I think he's probably quite close to being able to fit in the back row without the booster.
I guess the best plan is to keep my 2yo rf in the captain's chair, middle row, with the baby next to her in the other captain's chair. I know both seats will fit.
Then, my 10yo and 7yo can sit in boosters in the back row, each side, and leave the middle open for my 12yo for the rare occasions we all go out together (maybe once a week?)

At what age will it be safe for my 12yo dd to ride in the front seat?

And what age would you be comfortable turning my 2yo ff?
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My son carpooled in an older Sienna last week. He rides in a Maestro.

We did in the 3rd row:
Older child in seat belt--Maestro--Graco TurboBooster
12yo--2yo CA--10yo in booster until outgrown by weight, then I'd re-evaluate.

It didn't look like there was a lot of space for belting up, but it did work...

The CA is 18.5" and the Maestro is 18.75". So, I'd try that there and you'd have a tad more space to belt up the other two children.


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I have fit on the drivers side a rfing true fit with anti rebound bar, a rfing diono rxt and a ff radian. Load the rfing kids through the back or put the two captains seats side by side and enter through the side passenger door. You can leave the captain seats for the boosters. my iphone app isn't working otherwise I'd upload a picture to show you.

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