Question 3 Across 3rd Row in 2007-2011 Suburban, 2007-2011 Expedition or 2009-2011 Pilot


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We are looking to upgrade from our minivan to a current generation Suburban (Yukon XL), Expedition, or Pilot. We have 5 children. One in a RF infant car seat and the others in FF Radian 80 seats. Will 3 Radians fit across the third row (using seatbelts or LATCH) in any of these cars? Hoping not to be forced to buy new car seats.

Thanks for the help.


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According to the Sucessful Three Across Thread ( ) a 2004 Expedition will fit a Radian 65 and 2 Monterays in the third row. The Monteray is much wider than a RN and most infant seats, and the current body style Expedition third row seat is 1" wider than the 2004 so three across the new Expedition with the seats you mentioned or a variety of others should be no problem at all.

The Pilot looks like it would be a lot harder to get a three across in, but I'm out of time this morning, so you'll have to pick up the search.


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Don't forget to check top tether anchors. Typically, 3rd row SUV's only offer one, maybe 2 top tether anchors in those locations. So that may be a factor for you as well. My Suburban (2000) only offers one in the 3rd row.


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Is a top tether a must? Radian manual says it is recommended but does not imperatively say it is required. Will seat belts alone be okay? The Pilot has three tethers in the third row as per previous threads. Has anyone tried three Radians or comparable in the third row in a 2009-2011 Pilot?


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Top tether may not be a must, but it is STRONGLY recommended. Pilots have tethers in all six rear seating locations, which is awesome.

I have no idea how much the body style may have changed, but in my 2006 Pilot I think it would be likely that you could fit three Radians. You would have to have a FF and a RF Radian on the 60 portion of the bench, and that might even be a tight fit. Having a RF Radian back there requires all of the tricks to get it as upright as possible, and having the second row, which must be slid all of the way up.

I know there have been body style changes, though, so I'm not sure how that many have changed.

I would think buckling the FFers would be difficult, though. Truthfully, if any of your other children *could* RF in a Radian, I would RF them in the third row and load through the hatch... it's a breeze to buckle back there, I do it daily :)

My current combo is in my signature; I can also sub a Monterey for the Coccoro, and also put the Coccoro in the place of the MyRide. (So RN/MR/Cco, RN/MR/Mont, RN/Cco/Mont.) Be aware though that it's very tight back there.


I own a 2007 Suburban and a 2010 Expedition. The Expedition is FAR easier to get 3 across the 3rd row. I think I own every seat but a Radian so I can't try one for you. Our Suburban has the funky buckles that make installing seats a PIA and from what I had read, the Radians do not play well with those. I don't keep up on Radians though so I could be mistaken.

The Expedition's 3rd row is much wider then the Suburban's, the Suburban's 3rd row sits in the wheel wheel, I believe the Expedition sits above it. What ever they did, it made a huge difference in actually getting 3 across. This was a major selling point for me when we bought it. The Suburban was my car but I had problems hauling around kids. I only have 3 but I always have extras so when hubby needed a big SUV for work, I talked him into taking mine and getting the Expedition for me so I could fit 3 across the third row. :p There is only one tether in the 3rd row of the Expedition and I can't remember if there is one or two in the Suburban.

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