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Admin - Webmaster
(Updated July, 2008)

This thread will be updated as we introduce some new features and updates over the next month or two. Planned are some changes to the Live Chat room, resumption of the live chat sessions with CRS manufacturers and experts and a facelift of the websites including a new forum style skin or two.

The thread for last year's updates can still be found here. It contains a lot of information on newer features:


1) Chat Room Changes. The chat room will be expanded from a 50 person limit to a 200 person limit. This is to accomodate any increase in usage in order to resume our live chat sessions with CRS manufacturers and experts. It will also accomodate access to the chat room for more of our users.

There will be new permanent Chat rooms to accomodate additional users. One of these will include a password protected room for Senior Community Members, so that they can retain their own space as they have had for the last year. The password will be posted in the Senior Community Member forum and can be changed as needed. This way, members can give the password to friends as needed for access. This room will not have a "Recent History" displayed to people who enter the room. Moderators may create additional, temporary rooms for users at their discretion.

2) New Usergroup. There will be a new user group, "Community Member". Registered users who have confirmed their email address and been approved for full access can become Community Members after 30 days registered, 10 posts and 10 reputation points. These limits are subject to change. The only feature change for this usergroup will be access to the live chat room.

Access may also be given by the Community Member usergroup leaders, Scatterbunny, QuassEE, Skaterbabscpst, Lovinwaves, Papooses and LuvBug03. This way, if you have friends from other forums you may vouch for them. If you currently have chat room access and would like to have a friend get access and will vouch for them, please contact one of the usergroup leaders by private message for more information.

3) Forum Donation levels ( http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=20767 ) will retain the same donation amounts for 2008, subject to unforseeable, significant increases to the costs we pay for operating the website. In addition, members who have an active subsciption as of December 14th have had time added to their term. Typically, those that had a 6 month subscription had 2 months added and those with a 3 months subcscription had 1 month added. Thanks to the number of members who have donated, it was possible to do this as well as provide for some of the upcoming upgrades. This extension will NOT apply to new donations or renewals. Thank you and have a great new year!

4) All usergroups now have increased private message storage limits. So far, disk usage has been very reasonable at the new provider so there might be another increase if the trend continues over the next few months.

5) Color Coded Usernames. Moderators and Usergroup Leaders now appear in Red when they have the appropriate title selected in their User CP. Forum Sponsors appear in Purple. Forum Benefactors and CPS Gurus appear in Dark Blue. Technical Professionals appear in Green. If you select an optional title in your User CP, it will appear in the corresponding color.

6) Expanded User Profiles. Many users now have personalized profiles that include messages, photo albums and custom styling. These features vary by usergroup. Donors get additional options and increased photo album allocations.

7) Advertisements. Google ad placements are now visible to some users. More details can be found here http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=46531 .

8) Carseat Guru Usergroup. (Edit: the requirements for time registered, posts and reputation may change). This is an exclusive group and has almost all the benefits given to Benefactors so it is intended only for very active, long-time members.

9) Sponsor benefits were increased to allow a small signature logo, commercial blog use, a personal sub-forum under the main sponsor forum and customization of user profiles and albums as a storefront. There was also a small increase in the subscription cost and the subscription rates for sponsors will be reviewed again at the end of the year.

10) You can now bookmark your favorite threads to Digg, del.icio.us, Stumbleupon and Google if you are a member there! Bookmark icons appear under each post/thread.

11) The iTrader system of ebay-style reputation has been added for members with access to Carseat Swap. This system is tied to specific threads in the Swap forum only. As such, it cannot confirm a transaction actually occured. So, it is only for reference and does not guarantee the possibility of a good swap.

12) Requirements for community usergroup access have changed. Please see- http://www.car-seat.org/showthread.php?t=45000 .

Connor's Mom

New member
Sounds like some great changes!

I forget, will there be a PM or some other type of notification sent to us when our donation time period is up for renewal?


Admin - Webmaster
Sounds like some great changes!

I forget, will there be a PM or some other type of notification sent to us when our donation time period is up for renewal?
I'm not sure about that. Does anyone who had a subscription expire or nearly expire know? If not, I will see if I can find out what happens.


Admin - Webmaster
Some additional changes-

1) Some usergroups have had another small increase in Private Message storage limits, including Sponsors, Benefactors, Supporters, Senior Community Members and Community Members.

2) The previous limits of 5 reputation clicks a day spread around to at least 4 users before the same user can be clicked again have increased slightly. It is now 6 and 3, respectively.

3) Reputation power has been reduced for members with high post counts and/or high reputation. It now takes 2500 additional posts and 1000 reputation to get and additional point of power when you click someone else. It used to be 1000 and 750, respectively. This should not affect reputation you have already been given, only reputation you give to others, starting now.

4) Most members now have increased profile picture limits

5) Reputation comments were recently adjusted to allow you to see the last 50, rather than the last 25.

Private Messaging limits and Reputation thresholds are still subject to change.


Senior Community Member
Admin... not fully understanding the new rep stuff.

If I was giving 6 points w/ each rep click, when will I give 7? I have ~2600 posts and ~650 rep points presently.


CPST Instructor
Admin... not fully understanding the new rep stuff.

If I was giving 6 points w/ each rep click, when will I give 7? I have ~2600 posts and ~650 rep points presently.
If I am understanding this it looks like you will have to have 1000 rep points. I am not sure on the posts. It sais 2500 additional, so I would take that as 3500 total post since it was 1000. :twocents:


Admin - Webmaster
You start at 1 point given to other users when you are approved as a Member. You gain an additional point of reputation power (how many points you give to other users each click) for:

1) Each year you have been a member

2) Each 1000 reputation points you have

3) Each 2500 posts you have.

For most members, their power will remain the same with this change. Members between 750-1000 reputation or over 1000 posts will be affected to varying degrees; those with very high post counts could lose around 5-7 points of power. This doesn't affect reputation points earned already, so no one is losing a single reputation point of their own. It only affects how many points members will give to other members per click in the future. I'm trying to strike a balance to keep the reputation points from getting so high they will be meaningless and to still keep it fun to give other people points.

For example, Joolsplus3, queen of Car-Seat.Org and reputation champion supreme, dropped from 19 points given to 12 points given each time she gives someone reputation clicks. Scatterbunny dropped from 16 to 10. CPSDarren dropped from 12 to 9. Apologies to everyone affected. It's not an easy choice to take things away from members, even indirect things like reputation power. I hope this is somewhat offset by being able to click someone an extra time each day. With the proliferation of people giving reputation over the last few months, this is one of the only ways to keep it from increasing exponentially over the next year and being practically meaningless. Further changes to power and daily clicks may be necessary eventually, but I think this will help a lot.


Admin - Webmaster
I think understand. So I lost some click points. I will gain one back when I reach 5,000 posts, right?
Yes. Sorry- no one was targeted specifically. It affected everyone with high post counts and reputation according to the way the system adds points at each threshold, including Admin, moderators, Sponsors, etc.


CPSDarren - Admin
Staff member
In the short term, that extra click will probably may than balance the loss of points per click for a lot of people. In the longer term, it should reduce the total reputation earned quite a bit, though. Plus, I'm trying to be a little more reputation active, so that may help some people, too:)


Senior Community Member
I like the changes... Not that I didn't love recieving 1/2 a million points with a click from Jools, but I'd rather be able to give out more rep.

But I am curious how few points I am worth now. LOL


New member
sigh, I understand completely... but I was looking SO FORWARD to being worth 10 points lol! Of course though... I was being stingy with my rep because it was worth so much per click. Now I can be more click happy!

So now I am worth... 7 and will be 8 on the 20th? someone check my math?

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