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Graco SafeSeat 1 (SS1) Installation

Graco SafeSeat1

Second row:
The Graco Safeseat 1 installs well with the base on the center bench using LATCH or the seatbelt. If the handle is down it will touch the front vehicle seats if they aren't in a very forword position.

Third row:
To install it in the third row it needs to be installed without the base or it will not fit (even when the third row is all the way back and the center row is all the way forword). Installation in the third row without the base is easy enough, though achieving the correct angle requires the use of a rolled up towel or pool noodle. To be able to tighten the seat sufficiently the buckle stalk needs to be twisted 1-2X (because when the rear seat is all the way back the buckle stalk will be at it's longest)
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Britax Convertables

Boulevard & Roundabout
I own both the Britax Boulevard (BV) and the Roundabout (RA) and even though they are significantly different seats their installations went about the same and had the same results.

Center row:
The Britax Boulevard & Britax Roundabout install *amazingly* quickly with FF LATCH on the center bench. It's possible to achieve a rock solid install at the belt path in less than 30 seconds.
The top tether in FF positon actually takes longer to hook on and it pulls up the top edge of the back seat floor mat, but it's not a big deal.
Using the seatbelts on the center bench also makes a good install, but you can't move the bench forword or back.

The RF install is great on the center bench as well--LATCH or belt. The front seats have a really easy place to attach the D-ring (I will post a picture later).
It's easy to over-shoot the recline angle, but if you push down on the edge of the CR nearest the harness adjuster strap instead of pushing down in the bowl of the seat you should achieve a near 45* angle easily. It takes a bit more work to install RF and if you use your RF tether re-check your belt path movement after.

The BV and the RA puzzle nicely next to eachother. There's enough room between the two of them to get your hand in there to tighten the seats. They work nicely next to eachother whether they are both FF, both RF or one each way.

Third row:It also installs well FF in the rear seat with the seatbelt in the rear row, though with the top tether only on the passenger side.

I have now tried the RA RF in the third row. I thought the rear seat would need to be all the way back and the middle seat all the way forword, like when I install the SS1, but it doesn't need that much room by a long shot. If you have the third row all the way back you will need to twist the buckle stalk to be able to tighten the CR sufficiently. If you have the third row in the most forword position you won't need to twist the stalk at all. The CR will tip if you switch the retractor so you will want to use the built in lockoffs instead.
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Evenflo Triumph Advance

The evenflo triumph advance was not *as* easy to install as any of the above seats, but it was possible to get a good install in all positions I've tried.

Center row:
The Evenflo Triumph Advance installs well FF on the center bench in LATCH or with the vehicle belts.
It can fit next to the RF or FF RA.
I can make the SS1 fit next to it though it's difficult.
The tether is too short & I need to contact Evenflo for the van tether, which is longer. While waiting for the tether extender to come I remembered about tethering to third row seatbelts. I now have it tethered to the male end of the lap only belt in the back row. I tightened the lap belt as far as it would go, attached the tether and then tightened the tether. It works nicely, but renders the third row unusable.

Installation RF in the center row is more difficult, but possible. The big downside is that the harness adjustment knobs are pressed deeply into the seatback and are basicly rendered useless. Getting a FF seat next to it was a small challenge, though possible.

Third row:
In the 3rd row it's possible to get a nice, tight install FF with the vehicle belts; however the seat has a small tilt to it (pic to come).
It's difficult though because the legth of the buckle stalk. One way I found to get a nice tight install was to move the vehicle seat all the way forword (this shortens the buckle stalk) then twist the buckle stalk three times. Then after you lace the seatbelt thru and tighten as much as you can wiggle the restraint. At that point I still had well over an inch of movement. To get rid of it I reclined the vehicle seat, allowed the seatbelt to ratchet in a few more clicks, then I straitened the vehicle seat back to full upright. The install was nice.
RF install was OK too. The vehicle seat does not need to be all the way forword, but the buckle stalk does need a twist. Tightening takes a while, but you will get it. You may need to use a locking clip to prevent the RF tilt that sometimes occurs. I didn't leave the seat installed long enough to know for sure, but it seemed like it wanted to pull up on one side.
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Second Row
LBP Long belt path with LATCH worked well, but took some work to tighten sufficiently. It works best when the vehicle seat back is fully upright.
I didn't try LBP with the vehicle belt in this postion.

SBP with LATCH was SO easy! It took maybe a minute to get a really nice, rock-the-car, install :thumbsup:
I didn't try SBP with the vehicle belt in this position.

Third Row
LBP I installed the regent quickly and easily using the long belt path install. I did have to recline the vehicle seat a tad during the tightening and put it upright at the end, but that was all.

SBP Short belt path was harder. I didn't achieve a good install, but my kids were pulling on me (and eachother) and I'm new at the Regent--so it may be possible.
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