2002 Honda Odyssey & 5 kids



Hi :)

My husband just got us a 2002 Honda Odyssey. We have 5 children, 3 in safety seats. Their ages are: 14years, 9years, 7years, 30months, & 6weeks.

The 7year old is in a non-high backed booster, I don't know the brand.

The 30month old has both a Graco smart seat all in one and an Evenflo tribute. She is 30lbs & REAR facing.

The 6week old is in a graco snugride. We have an additional evenflo tribute, but the snugride is compatible with our double stroller. She is 11lbs and REAR facing.

What are the safest configurations for carseat installation & our other children?

Please ask questions if I need to give more details. Thank you.


Hi there and welcome to car-seat.org. Thanks for coming here with your question. :)

Do you normally travel with the 14YO? And how often is there another adult in the vehicle? (So basically, do you need to regularly seat 7 people?)


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The biggest safety decision to make is whether or not to allow the 14 YO to ride in the front seat. The recommendation is for kids under 13 to sit in the back if possible, because the back seat is safer. That's not always possible or practical, and your child is over 13, so it's up to you. Personally, I've chosen to allow my 14 yo or 16 yo to sit in the front seat. They are both learning to drive, and the Odyssey is a relatively safe vehicle. I do insist on proper seatbelt use.

For the rest, I'd consider putting the 6 week old in the 3rd row next to one or two of the older kids, so they can help take care of her when the vehicle is moving--talk to her, read to her, hold her hand or play with her toes, pop in a pacifier (if you use one), etc.

One final suggestion: Make sure your 9 year old passes the 5-step test in the new vehicle. Many kids need to continue using a booster until they're 10+ years old, but every vehicle and every child is different.


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If you have two captains chairs in the center, you can probably move the passenger side one towards the center. This creates an easier aisle for kids going into the third row. If you need to have all 5 kids in the back, that rear center seat is going to be tough. It's pretty narrow & probably only fits a non-booster kid BUT it may not have a headrest there (a safety issue if the top of the child's ears go over the seat back).. Later, it may work well to put your 30 month old in the center of the third row in a narrow, forward facing seat (like a Radian or Harmony Defender 360), with your booster rider on one side and your now 9 year old on the other. Often, kids fit in the third row without a booster before the taller deeper captains chairs in the second row.

For now, if you need all 5 in back, you could try your 30 month old rear facing in the center of the third row, with your 7 & 9 year olds on either side. The Tribute (or a Radian or Evenflo Sureride) are much more likely to fit in a 3 across than the Graco Smartseat. I'd have the baby in the second row passenger seat slid towards the center & installed with latch (b/c the seatbelt blocks the aisle). And your 14 year old behind the driver, that allows that seat to be moved forward to let kids in the third row.



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I think there should be a headrest and shoulder belt in your 3rd row center. If so, I'd put one RF in the back outboard, then the 14 year old and 9 year old or 7 year old. I agree with making sure the 9 year old doesn't need a booster. Most do. The Harmony youth booster is only $13 at Walmart and great for small spaces so I'd use that for whomever is in the 3rd row.
If your captain's chair does slide over and all spots have lap/shoulder belts, I'd just put the RF seats in the second row and the 14 year old + 2 Harmony youth boosters 3rd row. Sorry I don't know exactly what the 2002 has.

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