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    Question Graco Safeseat 1

    I'm a first time mom and after the Consumer Reports story came out, I'm terrified that my son is in an unsafe carseat. He is 4 months old (12 lbs 10 oz) and is in a Graco Safeseat 1. The report said that it failed all of their tests, but didn't go into details. Can the Techs (or other parents) please give me their opinions on the products safety? Should I rush out and buy a new seat ASAP or is it safer than Consumer Reports is making it sound?

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    Re: Graco Safeseat 1

    Your little guy is perfectly safe in his seat. If you search around for Consumer Reports---there are LOTS of posts about how poor their testing is. There are so many questions that need to be answered, that "they" simply aren't. Not to mention that the gov't, manufacturers and an independant lab all tested seats and got similar results. Then CR comes along and does their own tests--with different results---that says it's not a valid test.

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    Re: Graco Safeseat 1

    Don't give credit to the CR, i know i don't and neither do a lot of people. I find it funny that all these seats have past test with the manufacturers , and they actually tell you how they test,where with CR they didn't pass but they won't tell how they tested. My LO is in a safeseat and he will stay in it till he outgrows it. As long as your seat is installed correctly and you use it correctly every time your seat is safe, please don't let CR scare you, that is exactly what they are wanting to do(IMO).
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