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    High back booster or backless booster?

    When is it ok for a child to use a backless booster? Or should they always use a high back booster? My two oldest girls are 8 years old and 68 pounds and 7 years old and 53 pounds. I moved the 8 year old out of her backless booster when she turned 8 but then I started looking into it and she cannot pass the 5 point check so she's back in the backless booster. Should they still be in high back boosters though? Thanks.

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    Re: High back booster or backless booster?

    Ideally, children are in high back boosters until they are too tall for them.

    Practically speaking, as long as the vehicle seat has head rests or high seatbacks (up to the middle of the child's head), I'm comfortable with an 8 + year old in a backless.

    I would *prefer* to see a seven year old still in a high back, particularly a petite seven year old

    good job on getting your 8 year old back in a booster

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    Re: High back booster or backless booster?

    My opinion is that if your vehicle has side airbags and head rests then a backless is fine after age 8, but if there are no side airbags I'd keep them in high back boosters until they are outgrown.
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    Re: High back booster or backless booster?

    I drive a 2000 Ford Excursion and the back seat (where my two oldest girls sit) does not have a high back or headrest. I have five girls...ages 8, 7, 5, 4, and 2. I will be getting new car seats ASAP (waiting on a check...) so my 2 year old will be RF in a Graco MR, my 4 and 5 year olds will be harnessed in nautilus', and it seems like I should get high back boosters for my 7 and 8 year olds. Are the graco turbo boosters good?

    I'm hoping and praying it works out so all the car seats can fit properly. The truck is pretty big, but still... I'll have the three oldest girls in the back (boosters on the sides and nautilus in the middle) and the two youngest in the middle seat (we keep one seat folded down to make a "bridge" to get to the back seat without climbing over the seat, so there are only 2 seats in the middle. That is the only way I can think that it would work to have the two in boosters with seat belts that have a shoulder and lap belt and everyone be able to load and unload before and after school...

    Thanks SO much for answering my millions of questions. I'm sure there will be more later... I posted questions about the my ride a couple days ago. I finally registered but I'm waiting for approval

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    Re: High back booster or backless booster?

    One more thing (for right now) How do you find a CPS tech in my area (I'm right outside of Charlotte, NC)? I'd love to have someone make sure everything is good to go once we get new seats!

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    Re: High back booster or backless booster?

    You can look through the listing of technicians who are members and also try the Safe Kids technician locator link in this "How to find a technician" post to see if there's someone in your area:

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    Re: High back booster or backless booster?

    I'm outside Winston and would meet you halfway.
    CPST and Mama to a 13yo girl, 5-stepped at age 10 and 5'

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