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    How important are headwings?

    I really want to get a MA to use instead of my BLVD. I just like the MA better. But my 11 year old "won't let me" because since DH's accident he's paranoid about car safety. He feels the BLVD is safer because of the headwings. I know all car seats are safe when used properly but do headwings make a big difference? I'm driving my self nuts over thinking this. And no, I don't let my 11 year old dictate my life. He's having some major issues with this and with driving thru where it happened. He just wants little brother safe.
    I know, I know I'm way over thinking this. But I'm in a crazy type mood today and it's driving me nuts. I know some people on here like headwings and some don't.
    Maybe if you could tell me why you like them and why you think they are important.
    And why you don't like them and why you think they aren't important.

    Thanks for indulging my crazy brain.
    Mama to DS1 7-98 in a seatbelt, DS2 11-07 in an Affix and Turbobooster, DD1 12-10 RF in a Headwise, DD2 4-12 RF in a Headwise
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    Re: How important are headwings?

    IMO, headwings are more important for forward facing than rear facing. Rear facing is much, much more safe than forward facing. I assume you know this since you have your almost-2yo rear facing. Did you know that almost all of that safety difference is in side impact crashes? And side impacts are what headwings are for. The headwings help hold the spine in alignment in side impact crashes.

    I do believe that having headwings is safer than not having headwings on otherwise-identical seats. I also know that you have to deal with practicality. Can you put your finger on why you like the Marathon better than the Boulevard? Many people find that the headwings are a pain when loading the child because you have to work around the wings, particularly rear facing.

    I think it's great that your 11yo is concerned about his little brother's safety. The source of his fears, not so great, but there's not much that can be done about that. You will have to be the one who decides if getting the BV will feed his fears, or ease them.
    Melissa, CPST and Mom to three

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    Re: How important are headwings?

    A five point harness provides side impact protection. Yes, headwings might provide a little more, but I'm perfectly comfortable with seats that don't have them.

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    Re: How important are headwings?

    I feel your pain! I find the wings of the BV when rf totally annoying, but ds is outboard with the glass window right next to his head. I just gave his BV to his sister for ff, and am testing the MA for him. He LOVES the cowmoo cover, and it is super easy to plop him in. But, psychologically, I'm having a hard time with the loss of wings, so I don't know what I'll so.

    If your car fits a Radian, the XT has wings but aren't as annoying as the BV's wings. The XT wings are solid as a rock, vs. the wiggliness of the BV wings. The XT is lower and will be easier for your ds to get in and out of the vehicle. It also offers a more comfy, more rf leg room fit. You can show your 11 year old the pics of the XT's metal skeleton and the pics of how a regular RN survived when its car was squished when a parking garage collapsed. I'd buy a RN in a heartbeat, but the RNs and my van are incompatible.

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