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    Any good 1-2 page handouts on safest practices?

    I want to include a 1-2 page handout on safest carseat practices (leave RF for as long as possible, leave in 5 pt harness as long as possible, etc) in my mom's group packets. I haven't been able to find any good, condensed handouts. I just know many moms in my mom's group do the standard forward facing at one, booster about age 4, and I want to present them with convincing info (including reasons why it is safer and maybe some stats). So if anyone knows where I can find such a handout I would appreciate it (I checked out AAP - not a big fan of that one, BTW are they going to officially change their recs to keep RF until at least 2 or limits of the car seat or was that placed on hold?). Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: Any good 1-2 page handouts on safest practices?

    Subbing, because I'd love some of these for the baby/child classes I teach.

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    Re: Any good 1-2 page handouts on safest practices?

    You could pick and choose from the reproducible handouts at Safety Belt Safe USA at to suit your needs. For example, there's an up-to-date new 1-page handout about basic guidelines/best practices at and a more in-depth revised 3-page handout at that reflects the availability of convertibles that can rear face up to 45 lbs. The 5-step test is described in both of the above handouts, and with greater detail in the 3-page handout. There's also a separate handout available at that describes and illustrates the 5-step test.

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    Re: Any good 1-2 page handouts on safest practices?

    For distributing to people, I really like the free booklet you can order from USAA (here is the PDF version: It has a lot of use/misuse pictures in it which is really handy, though doesn't go into a lot of "best practice" discussions.
    To get it, go to:
    Select the "Order Publications" link at the top of the form.
    Select publication "544 - Installing Child Safety Seats"
    You can order up to 100 brochures at a time and they are free.

    Some other things I sometimes use (some are duplicates of what was posted earlier, but I am just copying and pasting info):

    Extended Rearfacing Info:

    Extended Harnessing Info:

    Danger of Shield Car Seats:

    Boosters are for big kids:

    Used Carseat Checklist:
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    Smile Re: Any good 1-2 page handouts on safest practices?

    Wonderful! Thank you very much!

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