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    Going to lend Triumph to my

    She lives about 1.5 hours away, so I see her once a week (on Sundays) when we all go to visit our grandparents. I was hoping that it would arrive by today so I can install it for her tomorrow, but no such luck! The tracking said it was supposed to arrive yesterday (Friday)...but nope.

    So I talked to her and suggested that she borrow one of my seats for right now until the Marathon comes and I can install it for her. I told her that if he is any bit over the weight limit of his current seat (Snugride, 20 lbs.), he's not safe. I asked her if she wanted me to bring over one of my seats and install it for her, that way, when/if she does have to go somewhere, he's in a safe seat.

    So tomorrow I'm going to take my Evenflo Triumph over and install it in her Tahoe. First, I'm going to show her how to use it (especially since it's different than other seats) her how the straps go, how tight they should be, and where the chest clip should be...all that good stuff.

    Then her Marathon should come this week and when I go over next Saturday (we're switching to Saturdays), I'll install the Marathon for her...after I show her how everything works...where the harness should be (at or below shoulders), how tight it should be, how to tighten it, how to loosen it, where the chest clip goes...everything I can think of. I know that may seem silly...but she really doesn't know anything about carseats and I want to be sure she knows how everything works, especially since she's used to a 3 pt. Snugride right now!

    Is there anything else you can think of that I should go over with her??
    Mom to P (9), J (almost 8), & E (2.5)

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    Re: Going to lend Triumph to my

    Well I like to think I'm pretty safety minded when it comes to car seats, but I am embarassed to admit I didn't know how dangerous it was to wash the straps with detergent...I shudder now to think about how I used VIM with bleach on my old seat to clean it up and sell it, and still feel guilty about the poor stranger who is riding with their child in it.

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    Re: Going to lend Triumph to my

    It sounds like you have it pretty much covered!

    That is really nice of you to lend your Triumph to her.

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