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    Which rental car? Chevy Aveo or Nissan Versa?

    I'm going out of town in 2 months with just the baby and I'm trying to decide what rental car is going to be best for fitting her car seat in.

    My 2 choices are the Chevy Aveo or Nissan Versa.

    It's just me and (soon to be) 18 month old and my dad who will be riding in it, me and my dad will be in the front of course so just the baby in the back seat.

    She normally rides in a True Fit or Marathon but I think I'm going to take her Scenera for the airplane ride and the rental car.

    Should I take the Marathon instead or will I be ok installing the Scenera in either of those cars?

    Thanks for any info you can give me on getting either the Marathon or the Scenera in those 2 cars.

    Oh and she's 17lbs right now and I don't see her gaining too much more weight in 2 months. She's rear facing now and will be on the trip also.

    Christy ~ Mama to Maddie (13) in a seatbelt, Sara (10) in a seatbelt, Jack (9) in a Monterey, Elizabeth (4) in a Frontier 85 and Anna born August 8th 2012 riding in a Purple Potion Cybex Aton, soon to be in a Key Lime Coccoro.

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    CPS Technician bobandjess99's Avatar
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    Re: Which rental car? Chevy Aveo or Nissan Versa?

    Actually, you'll probably need to get dad to ride in the back.
    by putting dad in the backseat behind the driver, that allows you to push the front passenger seat all the way forward, which you are pretty much going to need to do to get a RFing seat in there. Otherwise, dad is going to be eating the dash, if he can even get in the car. Hmm..the marathon is obviously heavier, but I'd probably take it..the lockoffs will make installs so much easier, and if you take teh scenera, you'll probably need to bring noodles along to install RFing, which would be annoying. I *think* the versa is slightly bigger than the Aveo, but both are tin-can-size cars.

    Alex, 8 Katie, 12 and Annabelle Jan 2017

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    Re: Which rental car? Chevy Aveo or Nissan Versa?

    Well, it depends how tall your dad is, but I can tell you that we fit my TFP (same shell as TF) with the headrest on in a Nissan Versa just fine and although it's not super comfy for the person sitting in the front passenger seat they certainly aren't ridiculously close to the dashboard. We had a 6 ft 3 in passenger in there with no complaints.

    Here's some pics of the TFP installed in the backseat of the Versa. Note that the middle seat of the Versa is a bit raised up so if you install the seat directly behind the passenger seat you gain a bit more room than the way it is installed in these pics, which is what we ended up doing.

    I don't have the other seats, but I figured since you have a TF and the other seats you could draw conclusions based on my experience and get a good idea of how the other seats would fit.
    International Mama
    Mom to Two - ERFing in a Graco My Ride 65 , Combi Coccoro, and Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL.

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