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    Moderator - CPST Instructor snowbird25ca's Avatar
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    Britax prices back down?

    So I didn't think to check the Frontier, but the Marathon, BLVD, BLVD CS and Advocate prices have all dropped - Marathon back to $299, and even the Advocate is down to $399. I had noticed the lower prices at another store on Thurs, but thought they were just trying to be a little more competitive or something....

    So anyone else notice this? I'm thinking maybe Britax listened to all the complaints that the price increase wasn't justified and decided to lower prices back to what they were? (Not that I'm complaining, I was just surprised.)
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    CPST Instructor Mingie's Avatar
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    Re: Britax prices back down?

    I think you are right. I was in our local baby store and noticed a big sign saying new Britax prices and the MA was back down to $299. As is the price on the TRU website. My friend unfortunately purchased hers a month ago and payed the $329. I guess they realized they were pricing themselves out of convertible market!

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    CPS Technician canadiangie's Avatar
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    Calgary, AB. Canada

    Re: Britax prices back down?

    Not yet at the boutique I was at yesterday, but later at TRU I noticed the Advocate was down to $399.
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    CPS Technician shauburg's Avatar
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    Re: Britax prices back down?

    Unless it's because the CDN $ is strong again?
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