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    Common Internet/Forum Abbreviations and Lingo

    AFK-Away from Keyboard
    AFAIK-As Far as I know
    AISI-As I see it
    AP-Attachment Parenting
    ATM-At the moment
    BBL-Be Back Later
    BFN-Bye for Now
    BOT-Back on Topic
    BRB-Be Right Back
    BTDT-Been there, done that
    BTW-By the way
    BWL Bursting With Laughter
    CD-Cloth Diapering
    CU-See you
    CUL8r-See you later
    CYA-See ya
    DC-Darling children
    DD-Darling Daughter
    DH-Darling Husband
    DIY-Do it Yourself
    DK-Don't Know
    DP-Darling Partner
    DS-Darling Son
    DSD-Darling(Dear) Step Daughter
    DSS-Darling(Dear) Step Son
    FS-For Sale
    FWIW-For What it's worth
    FYA-For Your Amusement
    FYI-For your information
    IAC-In any Case
    ICAM-I couldn't agree more
    IDK-I Don't Know
    IEC-In any Event
    IIRC-If I remember correctly
    IMA-I might add
    IMHO-In my humble/honest opinion
    IMNSHO-In my not so humble opinion
    IMO-In my opinion
    IMPOV-In my point of view
    IOW-In other words
    IRL-In real life
    ISO - In search of
    ITA-I totally agree
    JK-Just Kidding
    KWIM-Know What I mean?
    LMHO-Laughing my head off
    LOL-Laughing out loud
    MOF-Matter of Fact
    MYOB-Mind your own Business
    NAK-Nursing At Keyboard
    NBD-No big deal
    NP New poster/No Problem
    NTIM-Not that it matters
    OBO-Or best offer
    OIC-Oh I see
    OMG Oh my goodness/gosh
    OP Original poster
    PITA-Pain in the B*tt
    PP-Previous Poster
    ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
    RTM-Read the Manual
    SO Significant Other
    SOW-Speaking of which
    SWIM-See what I mean
    TBYB-Try before you buy
    TDM-Too Darn Many
    TFTHAOT-Thanks for the help ahead of time
    TIA Thanks in advance
    TTBOMK-To the Best of my Knowledge
    TTYL-Talk to you Later
    TYVM-Thank you very much
    WB-Welcome back
    WDYT-What do you think
    WTB-Want to buy
    WTG-Way to Go
    YGWYPF-You Get What You Pay For
    YMMV-Your mileage may vary
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    Kansas City, Missouri USA

    Re: Common Forum Abbreviations and Lingo

    AO(E)-Alpha Omega (Elite)
    BB-Backless Booster
    BPB-Belt Positioning Booster
    BR-Britax Frontier
    BRU-Babies R Us
    BSC-Belt Shortening Clip
    Bucket-Infant Carrier
    CA-Complete Air
    CALX-Complete Air LX
    CMVSS-Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
    CCO - Combi Coccoro
    CPSA-Child Passenger Safety Advocate
    CPS-Child Passenger Safety
    CPST-Child Passenger Safety Technician
    CR-Child Restraint
    D-RING-Part of the Britax extender strap for tethering rear-facing
    DOM-Date of Manufacture
    EB-Eddie Bauer
    EH-Extended Harnessing
    EPS-Expanded Polystyrene Foam
    ERF-Extended rear-facing
    EFTA-Evenflo Triumph Advance
    EFTA65-Evenflo Triumph Advance 65
    FMVSS-Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
    FPSE-Fisher-Price Safe Embrace
    FPSVB-Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Booster
    FPSVD-Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe
    FR-Britax Frontier
    FR85-Britax Frontier85
    GAB-Graco Air Booster
    GN-Graco Nautilus
    GO-Safeguard GO Seat
    GSR-Graco Snugride
    HBB-high back booster
    HWH-High Weight Harnessed
    KF-Chicco Keyfit infant seat
    LATCH-(L)ower (A)nchors and (T)ethers for (Ch)ildren
    LBB-Low Back Booster
    LBP-Lap Belt Positioner; also Long Belt Path
    LC-Learning Curve
    MCP-Maxi-Cosi Priori
    MM-Mia Moda
    MR-MyRide Graco
    OHS-Overhead Shield
    PWSG-Parkway Safeguard Britax
    RC-Recaro Como
    RN-Radian (Sunshine Kids)
    RS-Recaro Signo
    RSTV-ride safer travel vest
    RYS-Recaro Young sport
    SFO-Safety First Onboard
    SIP-Side Impact Protection
    SK-Sunshine Kids(maker of Radian)
    SKJP-Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products
    SL-Super LATCH (on some Radian seats)
    SBP-Short Belt Path
    SR22/32/35-Graco Snugride
    SSK-Sunshine Kids
    SS2-Safeseat 2/Graco
    SR/C Starriser/ Britax
    TA-Tether Anchor
    TA-Evenflo Triumph Advance
    TC-Transport Canada
    TRU-Toys R Us
    TSIP-True Side Impact Protection (Britax)
    TT-Top Tether
    UAS-Universal Anchorage System (also Canadian term for LATCH)
    XTSL-Radian XTSL(Super LATCH)
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    Peyton 10
    Camden 9
    And a new baby on the way

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