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    Need help with older booster for older Subaru

    We recently purchased a 1990 Subaru Loyale wagon as a commuter vehicle for my husband. I made sure we got one new enough to have shoulder belts, so it could possibly be used for all of us on occasion. However, I've played around with the seats that I have and am running into trouble. The shoulder belts are mounted slightly forward of the seat backs and they are fairly low. My 7yr old is able to use an Evenflo Big Kid and the seat belt fits him fine (at this adjustment - we'll run into a problem next time the booster height is adjusted). On my 9 year old, though, the seat belt is actually routed up to the shoulder belt guide on the booster, so it's not fitting properly.
    He doesn't quite fit the seat belt without a booster (lap belt rides up) and there are no headrests in the backseat, so I do need a booster for him.]
    I tried an old Century combo seat that I have, as a booster, and it works okay - the closed style shoulder belt guide holds the seatbelt in position better than the open guide. And, having the sides of the seat being deeper is also an advantage. It will only work, though, until he gets any taller. And, the seat is actually expired. While I may make a personal choice to use it in a pinch (it's been my seat it's entire life & no crashes), I'd rather find something else that will last awhile.

    Does anyone know of a booster that might fit this car? Or any other suggestions? It's not crucial that we all ride in this car, but it would be handy, especially in winter (it's a 4x4 - our other car is a low sedan).

    Mom to Jaidin (17 yrs), Kylan (15yrs) and Tavian (11 yrs) all in seatbelts now.
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